Friday, October 06, 2006

The General talks to Kirby & Spazeboy

Kirby interviews Brig. Gen. John H. Johns last night, with Spazeboy taping it. Be sure to visit (link fixed - sorry, dude!) and show our own resident space alien some love.

Kirby and Spazeboy, you both did an outstanding job! Thanks so much!


harriet said...

THANK YOU Kirby!!!!! She has shown what mainstream media (our Fourth Estate) fails to do....ask the investigative questions that the public needs to hear!

In addition, it's really irritating when Ned or the Democratic Party is forced by our media to come up with a plan for Iraq. It is NOT nor has it ever been congress’s job to come up with a war plan. That’s the President’s job. Congress’s job is to OVERSEE the President’s plan and so far the rubber stamping congress has failed in doing its job! As a result, congress has failed protecting the national security for this country and its people!

THIS IS WHY WE NEED NED LAMONT, to act as an oversight to Bush and to be the people's voice in protecting this great nation and our Constitution!

harriet said...

Bob, you have to fix your link to Spazeboy because it's doesn't work. It should be:

I'm on my way to give Spazeboy the same kuddos I gave Kirby!

CT Bob said...

Thanks H, it's fixed.

Saw Joe today. Had a lovely chat with him. Video will be up later.

I'm getting the feeling he doesn't like me much. ;)

Sue123 said...

You guys are doing such an important job - thank you!

Nina said...

That was heartening! General Johns was actually allowed to make his points without interuption. A "new" interview technique is born. Thank yous all around.