Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"How Joe Can You Go?"

Sherry Brown needs our help.

And because I'm so grateful to her for sending me two tickets to the big debate on October 23rd, I'm happy to help. Here’s TRex’s post from FDL the other night:

Holy Joe's name is going to appear on the bottom of the ballot this November, and that's got the Friends of Joe Lieberman in something of a tizzy. I'll let Sherry Brown take it from here. (She's the latest in Joe's parade of disposable campaign managers.)
As you may have heard, because Joe is running as an independent petitioning candidate, his name will be listed at the bottom of the ballot. For many people, this will truly be a case of a good man being hard to find.

To make sure voters know where to look for Joe on the ballot, we will soon be launching a statewide public awareness campaign, and we will be asking for your help soon to spread the word.

But before we do, we could use your help right now in brainstorming the best message to deliver to voters.

Sherry really opened a big-assed can o' worms here! I copied a bunch of suggestions from FDL, but gave up with something like 400 messages to go.

Read these; you'll get the idea:

Less than Zero?
Treat Joe like he treats you: think of him last.
Joe’s down below with the other bottom feeders.
Last in the hearts of his countrymen, last line on the ballot!
Lieberman: Last and least.
“Joe Lieberman: He has to be beneath the other candidates because nothing is beneath him”
“Losers Seek Their Own Level.”
Snakes and Ladders?
Guess who ends up at the bottom…..
“Joe Lieberman - What Lies Beneath”
Racing to the bottom!!
THIS is how low Joe can go!
“We sent him to the bottom of the ballot – Now let’s kick him out the door”
Joe Lieberman: Falling to his level of Incompetence.
“Joe Lieberman at last”
Joe Lieberman: A Mistake Worth Making. Again.
He’s not in Hell, but he can see it from there.
Go low! Vote for Joe!
Joe Lieberman: You’ll Find Me At Rock Bottom
Joe Lieberman - a low-down snake - low down on the ballot!
Bottom Feeders For Joe: Find it at the bottom of the ocean.
When you think Lieberman can’t go any lower - he can! Last line on the ballot!
No Candidate Is Lower Than JOE LIEBERMAN
Joe Lieberman: his placement’s so low they’re pactically giving his vote away!
Joe LieberMe: On the Goodstein, Lollipop!
Joe’s Name On The Ballot: Still Not As Low As Where He Put Your Son
Joe Lieberman: His statements are. . . INNNN-SAAAANE!!
Joe Lieberman, bedrock values at a bedrock place!
Just When You Think You Can’t Go Any Lower, You’ll Find Joe Lieberman
How low can he go?
“Joe Lieberman: Scraping the Bottom of the Ballot” (Spazeboy’s)
We saved the Pest for last.
Joe Lieberman? I meant to vote for Pat Buchanan!
Joe Lieberman: Objects on the Ballot Are Lower Than They Appear
Joe Lieberman: Its a short ride to the bottom of the ballot
Joe Lieberman: Still Above The Dogcatcher Candidates
“I urrr will ummm be on the ahem bottom of the uhhh ballot and I would ummm like for uhhhh you to continue to eurrhh support me when you ummm go to the uhhh polls.” (LOL!)
Goe Lowerman
Joe L: Last, all but forgotton
Joe Lieberman: Bear-ly on the ballot at all
Joe Lieberman, he’s beneath the rest.
Joe Lieberman, the clown down under the rest.
Joe Lieatthebottomman
How low can Joe go? Scroll down.
Backwash Joe
Lieberman ‘06: Voyage to the Bottom of the Ballot
Joe Lieberman: Beneath Contempt
Joe Lieberliar: Stuck Where the Tammy Sun Don’t Shine.
Joe Down Dirty Shame
If you are coming to vote for Joe, we parked Joe’s ballot in the handicap spot so stay in your car.
Lieberman : bottom of the barrel - bottom of the ballot!
Unplug Lieberman…drain the swamp
Joe Lieberman: Dead Last
Low, the poor Lieberman!
Joe Lieberman: Last but not leased (he’s fully bought and paid for).
When you’ve hit rock bottom that’s where you’ll find Joe.
Just because Joe doesn’t vote doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.
Vote for Joe. Last on the ballot. First in W’s heart.
Want to vote for Joe? You’ll have to lower yourself….to the last line.
How Joe can you go?


Oh...and Sherry?

You're welcome.

UPDATE: You can add YOUR VERY OWN suggestions for Joe in the Comments section!


Anonymous said...

I think you should make an avid campaign of posting this everywhere on the internet as well as send it to all the papers and insist that they publicly, adamently and frequently show that Joe is on line five.

Just keep hammering Joe is on line five.

Maybe do something like Joe 5ive to remind them all.

CT Bob said...

As long as we preface every reference as Joe belonging to the "Connecticut For Lieberman" Party.

You know, the party he started after he quit being a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Did you really send those to Sherry? Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO!! OMG, I couldn't even pick a favorite from this. Fantastic work everyone!!



yet another anonymous said...

Seeing this list restores my faith in humanity. In my opinion, it's a two-way tie for first between:

“Joe Lieberman: He has to be beneath the other candidates because nothing is beneath him”


“Joe Lieberman: Scraping the Bottom of the Ballot” (Spazeboy’s)

What's odd about this, though, is the fact that the campaign staff of a three term United States Senator (and Vice Presidential nominee with worldwide name recognition) obviously believes that their supporters are too lazy and/or too stupid to find their candidate's name on the ballot.

It seems the LieberStaff are now not only pursuing the "low-information voters," but also the "no-information voters" (those people who happen to be walking past a polling place on election day, see a line, and decide to stand in it just to see what they get when they reach the front of the line). That's sad, both for what it says about the Lieberman campaign and for what it says about the state of our democracy.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what you preface it with.

It's just very important that everyone in Connecticut should know that Joe Lieberman is on LINE FIVE.

Thanks for helping, keep up the good work ;-)

Anonymous said...

someone has too much time on his hands..

SeedFreak said...

Hey--that's a good idea. Keep spreading the news about Joe being on Line Five ;-)

You guys seen this?

A letter questioning Senator Joe Lieberman’s involvement in the 1960’s civil rights movement sparked sharp exchanges in Connecticut today and had the campaign of Ned Lamont backpedaling somewhat.

At a news conference Mr. Lamont called to announce his endorsement by a group of black Democrats, his campaign distributed a letter criticizing Joe Lieberman’s past stance on affirmative action and school vouchers.

But part of the letter also questioned his involvement in the 1960’s civil rights movement, something the senator frequently speaks about on the campaign trail and in his advertisements.

“Senator, the Connecticut Federation of Black Democratic Clubs is offended by your television ad which claims you were an advocate for African-Americans’ first-class citizenship and as such you marched for our civil rights,” read the letter, written by Henry E. Parker, the former mayor of New Haven and state treasurer. “Our research indicates that there is no evidence of you taking any action that could be described as an initiative to remove the shackles of second-class citizenship.”

Mr. Lieberman quickly called his own news conference and passed out a 1963 clip from the Yale Daily News entitled “Why I go to Missisippi,” and a copy of diary citing his involvement.

“Was I there, you bet your life I was there,” the senator said, angered by an allegation that he immediately called a lie.

Mr. Lamont did not level the criticisms himself, but his campaign passed out fliers with copies of the letter, which Mr. Parker read aloud as the candidate stood nearby.

And that was not lost on Mr. Lieberman.

“It seems clear to me that this campaign has brought out the very worst in Ned Lamont.”

Mr. Lamont’s advisers say they will no longer pass out copies of the letter and issued a statement saying: “We have not looked into his involvement in the civil rights movement and will not questions Joe’s involvement.”

End of this story? Somehow, we doubt it.

– Jennifer Medina

Or how about this?

SeedFreak said...

Oh sorry--I forget to add this one too:

Lieberman ahead of Lamont by 13 points in new Survey USA poll
Survey USA ^ | 11 October 2006 | Survey USA

Posted on 10/11/2006 5:31:38 PM PDT by okstate

Joe Lieberman (I) 53%
Ned Lamont (D) 40%
Alan Schlesinger (R) 4%
Other/undecided 2%

572 Likely Voters
+/- 4.2% MOE


If you have a little humble pie with that crow it might prevent most of the indigestion, but the nausea is another thing entirely.

Especially when you're spinning out of control. That bad spin--ooh. Such a problem.

CT Bob said...

Oh yeah, Joe's ahead in the polls. So, you can just go home.

As far as you're concerned, it's already over. Start the celebration now, dummies, and we'll just sit here chip chip chipping away at Joe's so-called "lead". 27 days. Joe has peaked and is already heading down.

JoanBasil said...

Regarding the article about Lieberman and the 1963 civil rights movement, exactly why should anyone be grateful to him for whatever it was he did 43 years ago? Ten years before that, he was probably a boy scout and helped an old lady across the street and if he had written a letter to his school paper about it, he'd be using that to show how much the elderly owe him.

Anonymous said...

Love Lamont's Country Club--he loved it too--maybe that's why he wouldn't quit until he had to--he didn't want it to be a distraction. He wasn't distracted by the racial disparity before? They did have black people there--but they were serving dinner and scrubbing the toilets.

CT Bob said...

You are an ass. Even Danny
Gerstain admitted that Lieberman's campaign was lying about the lack of minorities at that club. Gerstain had to change his tune from "all-white country club" in a televised interview. It's online. See for yourself.

Or simply parrot the culture of lying that Joe's people engage in.

Go on and muddy the waters while Americans are dying every single day in Joe's war. Sign your kids up now if you're so brave, you anonymous coward.

Don't worry...we know JOE'S kids are safe.

I'm glad I'm finally getting to you Liebertrolls; it shows how worried you've become.

ifthethunderdontgetya said...

Two best, I think:

Joe Lieberman: It's a short ride to the bottom of the ballot.


Joe Lieberman: In your heart, you know he's last.