Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Score Another for CTBob

This morning, Bob made it big in LONDON (as in England). The Guardian interviewed Bob for a story on the Google acquisition of YouTube. It's a great story, but here's our guy
Bob Adams, 47, works as an IT specialist in the Connecticut town of Milford. Over the summer, he devoted a great deal of his spare time to anti-Lieberman film-making, managing to confront the senator (his best shot came with a testy encounter about donations from Wal-Mart), and posting about 50 clips to YouTube. "This is another option for people who want to see what's really going on," he says. "And it's a very democratic thing: anyone with a video camera and a computer can get the same shots CNN can get. If you want people to hear your voice, you put up a video, and you're out there. Political reporters have all that 'You're off the bus' stuff to worry about; if they're denied access by the parties, they're going to starve. With someone like me, I don't have that much to lose. If I had to stop doing this tomorrow, it wouldn't make much difference to my life, except I'd have a lot more time to spend with my wife. So they don't have that power over me."
It's a great article, so read the whole thing -- and if you can help us keep Bob making those great videos by getting him a new laptop, the tip jar could use some help. Thanks from me, Kirby, and all the rest who understand the power of the CTBob video productions.

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