Thursday, October 12, 2006

Troops stuck in Iraq through 2010

Joe Lieberman's quest for a state of endless War in Iraq was given a boost by the Bush administration's decision to commit troops and logistical support in the war-ravaged nation through the year 2010. Riotous cheers were heard eminating from the corporate offices of Halliburton.

Lieberman (pictured above with Bush administration War Advisor Henry Kissinger) wasn't available for comment, but it's safe to assume that he was thrilled by the news. Over 140,000 American troops and hundreds of billions of US tax dollars are expected to be needed to keep the war going as intended.

At current casualty levels, this will translate into over 3,250 more brave American soldiers tragically losing their lives in Iraq. Don't worry though; none of Lieberman's children are serving in the American Armed Forces.

Meanwhile, North Korea and Iran will continue developing their nuclear programs because the Lieberman-backed Bush administration petulantly refuses to indulge in the use of diplomacy.

Of course.

Why would they want to negotiate peace when they can spread war?


ratney said...

Wow Bob, another awesome photo!

"Bush administration War Advisor Henry Kissinger" ain't the half of it- that monster is also the "master of deception" that the PNAC crowd originally wanted to head the 9/11 Coverup Commission; to much outrage. In the 9/11 Truth world that makes him one of the suspected perpetrators, and there he is shaking hands with joe... Therefore we have to wonder what secrets LIEberman is hiding.

harriet said...

this reminds me never to shake hands with Joe -- those germs will kill you for sure!!!

Gary said...

Don't forget the Project for the New American Century. Prime objective: American world domination in the 21st century. If Joe Lieberman ever was a liberal, he's a neoconservative now.