Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lamont and Clark on the Hastert question

Spazeboy does it again, with this video that shows Gen. Clark and Ned Lamont discussing Kirby's questions.

"Hastert: Kids at risk...Republicans: America at risk"

(Best Quote Evar!)


Marion in Savannah said...

I don't know if anyone has the time and/or money to put it out on TV big time, but that's the most succinct and trenchant explanation of the situation that I've heard.

Off this particular topic, but if Bob checks comments I hope he reads what I left (EPU'd, I'm sure) after the "Labor for Lamont" post. I meant every word.

CT Bob said...

Marion, thank you for your kind words, and yes I did read it. Every so often I go back and see if anyone got EPU'd, or if spammers or Liebertrolls have gone wild. I usually don't reply that far back, but I do try to read back 5 or 6 posts, especially when there's been a lot of traffic.

I'm glad you liked the "technical difficulties" part. I was chuckling to myself while putting it together!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marion from Savannah,

I'm Angela from Savannah too. I just moved here last year. I worked in the Clark Campaign in 2004. I was apart of the draft clark meet-ups. It's nice to know someone from Savannah noticed what is going on here. Then again I'm not surprise since people in Savannah loved General Clark. He came there for the Grits Tour. Was you apart of the Meet-up group in Savannah. I was the co-chair there. I will try to help Ned as much as I can.

Good luck there in the Governor Race and for Mr. Nelson and Barrow for Cong.

mui said...

That is a good statement by both Lamont and Clark-- and Kirby as well. It's weird how questions of right and wrong get so muddied in politics as seen on MSM. Meanwhile we "little people" are continually flabbergasted and shut out of national debate, until you have someone like Lamont make some clear points as seen above.