Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mark Foley on AOL

(brilliant graphic by Monk via FDL)

OK, this is getting ridiculous. In the Hartford Courant, Joe Lieberman is saying it's partisan to expect House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-ILL) to be held accountable for allowing admitted drunken potential kid toucher Mark Foley (R-GONE) to engage in his tawdry pursuits with no restraint whatsoever.

Have we collectively gone mad? I feel like we've all taken CRAZY PILLS!

What will it take for Lieberman to accept the fact that one of his Republican heroes has made a criminally bad judgement and deserves to face the consequences? Is our "Democratic" senator stuffed SO DEEPLY in the Republican Party's back pocket that he can't even bring himself to hold Hastert accountable for FAILING TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN?'s partisan to go after kid touchers.

What were we thinking?


harriet said...

Joe REALLY has become one of them, hasn't he......the Republicans and wantabes like Joe really think they need to defend their scandal by doing their typical blame game..never own it, just blame it on the other party, and hope people are stupid enough to buy it!

Shays did the same crap on Farrell yesterday -- it's soooooooo disgustingly dishonest!

Throw these creeps out!!!! November 7th can't come soon enough!!!!

Anonymous said...

i read what joe was saying about this. he isnt supporting the molester in any way. hes just upset that republicans are taking a hit because of this. foley shouldnt represent the republican party. joe is trying to say you can say what you want about foley, but when you make turn this issue and try to put some blame on republicans(or use it as another reason why republicans must be out of office), it isnt fair. if all the republicans had "protect foley" as one of their agendas, then yeah, blame the republicans. joes being sensible.

CT Bob said...

"...hes just upset that republicans are taking a hit because of this."

Do you see what your saying here? Joe cares MORE about the Republicans than he does about Democrats...or children, for that matter.

Why would someone who claims to be a Democrat care so much if the other party is being blamed for their cover-up?

You've convinced me...Joe is no longer a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

...foley shouldnt represent the republican party...

Yupe, he did the right thing by his party - resign. That is more than what we can say about Delusional Morally Confused Lying Joe who LOST in his own party primary.

Why don't he resign from the Democratic party if he really wants to run against a Democratic candidate?

Anonymous said...

i dont think the republican party as a whole should take a hit from this. no political party supports child molesting. if you dont like how the republicans have been handeling america for the past years, thats fine. there are lots of things you can blame on republicans, but this cannot be one of them.

Anonymous said...

> no political party supports child molesting.

No political party PROCLAIMS SUPPORT for child molesting.

But in fact, the Republican Party did PROVIDE SUPPORT for a child molester.

Because they wanted to protect his seat more than they wanted to protect his child victims.

Yes, it's that simple.

Anonymous said...

a few republicans protected the child molester? yes. the republican party as a whole protected the child molester? doubtful.

Anonymous said...

Republican party LEADERS protected a child molester.

Yes, it's that simple.