Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"Only the Iraqi people can resolve this"'s very simple:

"Stay The Course" ISN'T working!

It's already wasted thousands of American lives; hundreds of billions of American dollars; and it's made our nation LESS safe.

Joe Lieberman, are you listening?

Scratch that last question, Senator...we all know the answer.

What I want to ask is this:

When will you START listening?


scarecrow said...

Bob, I saw this tonight on CNN. Ware is usually more negative than most, but tonight he was really raising the alarm. then switched to CBS and it was the same thing. One senses the country is close to collapse, and whatever pretense of order just vanishes.

harriet said...

I have been listening to Michael Ware since this horrible war was launched and he's the most honest respected reporter out there covering the reality of this war.

How Joe can look any military family in the eye is beyond me...I guess when you put yourself first, you can block out whatever horrible thing you want?

I hope on November 7th Joe can hear the door slamming behind him!!!