Sunday, October 01, 2006

Spazeboy nails Nancy "Donut Hole" Johnson

Not literally. Ew. I don't think any of us could stomach THAT!

But Spazeboy scored a major coup by covering a protest at the "honorable" Nancy Johnson's office on Friday. From - well done, Spazeboy:

On Friday, I attended a protest and rally at Nancy Johnson’s New Britain office. This is my video report.

Carol Marie Pomerleau has been in the donut hole–the gap in coverage wherein the beneficiary is obligated to continue paying premiums and pay $3,000 out of pocket before coverage kicks back in–since July 10, 2006. Pomerleau’s protest is unlikely to sway Congresswoman Johnson, but one hopes it calls attention to Johnson’s principal role in the creation of the donut hole that many seniors and disabled may soon find themselves in.

The New Britain Herald has more:
“‘Thank you for your hellhole of a donut hole,’” Pomerleau said she told Johnson, who replied, “‘Well, at least we got it into law.’ That was her only response. She kept repeating it.”
Pomerleau said she expected to be arrested for civil disobedience.
“At least if something happens to me while I’m in jail they’ll have to send me to a hospital,” she said.
Because of her condition the New Britain police decided not to arrest her. A diabetic and cancer survivor, who suffered a heart attack, she underwent an artery bypass “that went bad,” woke up with a stroke, and was confined to a hospital bed for seven weeks. After her release, she has been experiencing mini strokes and seizures.
“Nancy Johnson authored the Medicare Part D legislation that put the interest of the pharmaceutical companies over people,” said Pomerleau. “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”
Those who are so inclined should know that contributions to my (Beau's) tip jar are greatly appreciated. I try only to “push” the jar after I’ve invested a good chunk of time into making a video to share. That’s the case today.


spazeboy said...

1. I may make another video of Sal Luciano's speech. That guy is on fire (metaphorically).

2. I like how the "Grove Place" sign almost says "Rove Place"

3. Everything I learned about making videos I learned from CTBob and CTBlogger.

4. In reference to Bob's comment at my blog, I think he can sit's been awhile since I made a good video.

CT Bob said...

Spazeboy, I think we all learn from each other. And being a little competitive probably compells us to make better videos. I'd rather you and CT Blogger throw down MORE gauntlets!

Sal's speech was amazing. That guy can cut right through the bullshit and tell it straight!

Damn, can we get him to introduce Ned at the debate?