Saturday, November 25, 2006


CT Lauryn makes her online debut at age One Week on ConnecticutBLOG!

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. CT Blogger on their wonderful addition to the local blogging community! I long before those cute li'l hands will be able to hold a video camera?


NanafromMA said...

Bob..if you see Ct.Blogger, give him my
congratulations...CTLauryn is adorable
and just soooooo cute. I am jealous!!
I have three grandsons and would give my
arm for a granddaughter...

Tell CTB that I am sending him nice
pink thoughts!!

Thanks for posting the pix...hope you had
a good holiday!!n

Anonymous said...

WOW, she sure is beautiful -- and she arrived just in time to witness a new government on the horizon – may it be the one that ends this war and works for peace! And may she grow up in a world where the idea of her being President is second nature!

cgg said...

Our community of bloggers keeps growing!