Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ds in the House

We just heard that the Ds now control the House. Whew! As CTBlogger just said, "Subpoena power, baby!" Lieberman is holding a press conference tomorrow to talk about his plans -- his acceptance speech stressed his independence. I'll bet he is waiting to see how the Senate goes to decide whether he will be better off for himself as and true independent so he can be with the Rs when it benefits him, or if the Ds take control, he'll be back to being a D.

Swannie just came in to say hello and thank you for everybody and he doesn't know right now about any plans by Ned to start an organization but they will be regrouping tomorrow and talking later in the week. We are hoping Ned will still be a strong voice and a man we can continue to work with here in CT.

Chris Shays gave the weirdest victory speech we ever heard, and it's only been now, a half hour later that we heard from a reporter that Farrell is going to concede. Does that mean Shays just wanted to be on TV in prime time straight up at 11?

Joe Courtney is making a speech of optimism, saying it will be a late night -- and I am betting a recount.

Shays win is certainly Joe coat tails. Fortunately, Nancy Johnson is gone, and we may yet pick up Courtney -- CT-02


Anonymous said...

Lieberman is in the cat-bird seat. Just where he wanted to be. And the voters of CT put him there!

He'll remember that 35% of the state's republican vote put him where he is. So, how's he gonna vote?

JoanBasil said...

Lieberman is in the cat-bird seat until the FEC sends notice opening an investigation of his campaign finance disclosures. His general election campaign was a fit of spite. The FEC has to investigate $387,000 taken as "petty cash" and theres plenty more than just the petty cash. With voters saying "corruption" is a top issue, Lieberman is a walking time bomb of scandal.