Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Note of thanks from Ned Lamont

Of course, is the place to see more of Ned.

We all have the feeling (and fervent hope) that Ned won't go away. He won the first one, lost the second one...

They say the third time's the charm.


Anonymous said...

The issue was right, the cause was right but the campaign failed. The candidate was a rich white guy from Greenwich that could not relate to the middle class. I fully expect to have comments attacking this entry which will only prove that his supporters cannot understand that this was about more than Ned it was about the truth and the messenger just sucked. I voted for him an I think I am entitled to speak out now after the fact when these comments cannot be taken advantage of by Lieberman the traitor. Next time please some one else run and more than one choice.

Anonymous said...

Bob, the second lost was more of a lost for Connecticut! While all the other states voted for change, our state did not. It's very sad to know that people who voted for Joe did not have the courage to face the big elephant in the room, the Iraq War. While our souls are clean, they will have to live with this decision knowing our troops are still in the hands of a man who thinks "staying the course" is a good idea.

Unfortunately, that "third time" is NOW and the CT Joe voters just don't get it.

But, I'm glad I'll still be able to be in the company of people who do. You and all of the other wonderful CT bloggers! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

anonymous, what a punch of crap! What is it that you didn't get? Until the rules of the campaign finance laws are changed, it will ALWAYS take millions of dollars to run a national race. No one wanted to challenge Joe, until "a rich white guy from Greenwich" did. Were you willing to put in the millions that Ned needed to finance his race? No. So, instead of attacking the messenger why don't you find out who behind the messenger didn't do their jobs, like the Democratic State Senate Committee who gave nothing to Ned and silently supported Joe the whole time!

CT Bob said...

Yeah, it's not like Joe isn't wealthier than 99.99% of the people in CT!

BTW, Ned Lamont is in FAVOR of campaign reform to PREVENT people like Joe from getting MILLIONS from lobbyists and special interest groups.

If you don't think Joe is beholden to those special interests, anonymous, then you're completely deluded.

Ned is a man who CAN'T be bought; for that reason alone, he's a better candidate than Lieberman could ever HOPE to be.

Joe's message apparently is "Sell out to the highest bidder"!

That's a message we can do without.

Gary said...

I cannot thank Ned enough for his sacrifice in his personal life, time, and treasure. It was an honor to serve the little role that I did in his campaign as a phonebanker and pollwatcher. Ned may have lost this campaign, but he made a big difference to millions of us in changing the political dynamic of the country. I look forward to working for him again!

Anonymous said...

how long will it take for this blog to stop talking about Joe, 6 years??

CT Bob said...

When Joe starts behaving like a Democratic Senator should, that's when. Not a moment sooner.

Listen carefully, anonymous; if you don't like what I talk about, you're free to leave. The only reason you obsess over this blog is because you fear it's the truth.

So just leave if you don't like it. I'm not going to change my opinions because of some anonymous coward.

Better yet, go and start you're OWN blog and talk about whatever you want.

Anonymous said...

Yes bob, and the local coverage was very Joe-sided on the elections so that Lamont's campaign finances got hyped and HoJoe's less than holy Republocrat war chest was glossed over.

Lamont is a good man and I feel we all built up too much momentum not to let our voices be heard from here on out. His campaign was a pleasure to volunteer for even in the rain on election day.

I said all this over at the Lamont blog, but it probably got lost among all the Liebertrolls. (Why these Liarman folks are so obsessed that they are still marking up the blog like a high school bathroom stall is beyond me.)

Anonymous said...

And let anonymous know, that at least at my polling place, a number of voters went out of their way to thank us Nedateers for standing out in the rain and even offered to buy us stuff.
The Liarman folks didn't even stay for more than an hour each.
Who are the true Democratic warriors?

selise said...

give me a couple of weeks to rest up... and i'll be ready to start canvassing for ned again. hope there is something being planned... can't start too soon for me.

Anonymous said...

Ned's run was inspirational. Connecticut fired to first shot in the 2006 election, reminding the nation that they not only have a voice, but a responsibility to send representatives to Washington, who will work on behalf of their constituents. The energy from Ned's primary election victory gave people all over this country the feeling that they too could be instrumental in directing the course of the the nation. Ned's commitment and determination was just the moral victory so many disaffected voters needed to get going. If he decides to run again he will enjoy a great resevoir of good will. Kudos to all the patriots who participated in this Connecticut revolt - we owe you.