Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The NY Times discusses Joe's hired Mouthpiece

A tip o' the hat to Jane at FDL, who posted a link to this article in the comments section of T-Rex's Late Night FDL post.

In this article, The New York Times deconstructs Marshall Wittmann so expertly you can't even see the scalpel marks:
An Ideologue for Hire Gets New Alliance

Published: November 22, 2006

WASHINGTON, Nov. 21 — Senator Joseph I. Lieberman announced Tuesday that he had hired a new spokesman, which is not in itself that noteworthy, except that the said spokesman, Marshall Wittmann, is one of the great career vagabonds, ideological contortionists and political pontificators ever to inflict himself on a city full of them.

To say that Mr. Wittmann defies classification is like saying Paris Hilton defies modesty. But in his peripatetic soul, he is a Washington Original, a man without a political country going to work for a senator without a political party.


Mr. Wittmann, meanwhile, is a Trotskyite turned Zionist turned Reaganite turned bipartisan irritant turned pretty much everything in between — including chief lobbyist for the Christian Coalition, the only Jew who has ever held that position.

“Jewish mothers do not raise their Jewish sons to work for the Christian Coalition,” said Mr. Wittmann, offering one of many explanations for why that job was not an ideal fit.
You absolutely need to read the entire article to appreciate the subtle (and not-so-subtle) humor in Mr. Liebovich's writing. Definitely worthwhile.


Anonymous said...

One whore speaking for another!

Anonymous said...

I dont understand how Marshall Wittman is a whore. Is it because he has such a diverse resume?? please explain..

CT Bob said...

Because he'll work for anyone who signs his check, regardless of their political/philosophical stance. Did you read the part where he was the "chief lobbyist" for the Christian Coalition?

Only after it didn't work out did he flee back to his abandoned Jewish heritage. Then he invoked his mother; whom I'm sure was embarrassed to death about her little bubeleh working for the most conservative, least-tolerant Christian organization there is.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with a Jew working for the Christian Coalition? You make it sound like that he had to deflect from his Judaism in order to work there. Wittman has also done great work for the DLC and McCain and now Washington holds him in high regard. Could it be the only reason you dont like him is because he is now working for Lieberman?

Anonymous said...

this is just weird. joe has gotten 0% approval ratings from the christian coalition, so i dont know why he would hire wittman.

CT Bob said...

Anon: "Whats wrong with a Jew working for the Christian Coalition?"

Why don't you ask Wittmann? He's the guy who's apologizing for it. I think it's fine if that's what he wants to do, but then why did he make a statement like that after it didn't work out for him? Could it be because his friends were criticizing him for his career choice?

And for the record, I didn't like him LONGGGG before he went to work for Joe. He's a two-bit sleazy DC opportunist who exemplifies everything that's wrong with politics today.

Anonymous said...

He can't resist opening his mouth. How much you want to bet he is forced out within the year for sockpuppetry.

Anonymous said...

i read the article. seems like whittmann will work for anyone (and considering the years hes worked in dc, maybe everyone) regardless of party. hes a huge mccain supporter. besides working for the christian coalition, i have no major problems with him.