Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ned's Speech

It was a great speech. Ned is as classy in defeat as he was in victory and challenging the status quo. Bob and Spazeboy video taped the speech -- so it will be available for all to see tomorrow. Ned did not sound like he was going to go away and back to a quiet life running Lamont Digital Systems.

We are ROFLOL because the governor is giving her victory speech at the same time Joe is at the podium. The local channels are split on which to carry -- two on Rell, one on Lieberman. That is nice to see.

We feel like we have to listen to his concession speech -- and hoping he can find a gracious way to accept victory. He just said that God was with him, funny -- that's not the message I got from God just this afternoon He is reading a speech that says he will do what is best for Connecticut -- funny how he has to read that.

Conspicuously absent is his thanking Ned and Alan for conceding. Hey, actions speak louder than words -- let's see if he got scared enough by losing the primary to actually do what he promises tonight. We'll see.....


Anonymous said...

ned and alan didnt get enough votes to win, he didnt have to thank them.

Anonymous said...

not to add to the grief, but don't these people have some celebrating to do, rather than talk utter b.s. on this site?

magoo said...

Ned is a gentleman through and through. I hope he stays in politics.
GOP Joe will continue to be a PITA until he is unseated.
The YouTube phenomenon is now a force in people-powered politics thanks to Spazeboy and CTBob.
Thanks so much for all your hard work and don't underestimate the impact of all your efforts.

Anonymous said...

> YouTube phenomenon

It can work both ways...did you see NotNed.com?

CT Bob said...


There's nothing worse than a poor winner.

Typical of the Lieberfucks.