Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Some Good News

We just watched Nancy Johnson's concession speech. Cheers all around here. I live in that district, so I have a real D representing me.

In follow up to comments on the last post, the problem with Joe is that he is such a hypocrite. He'll suck up to the Ds to get his committee chairs if the Ds are in charge, but if not, then he's for sale to the highest bidder. I wouldn't even be surprised if he cut a deal with the Rs if it worked best to his advantage since this is ALL ABOUT JOE.

We're getting the word Ned in 10min on the podium. Don't know where you can see it streaming so Spazeboy and CT Bob will be filming it. Ned has called Joe to concede

I am off to the ballroom with all the other bloggers -- more later.


magoo said...

Ok, I just saw Ned concede on CNN. He made a difference by winning the primary, and fought hard for what he believes, and he will continue to make a difference. Way to go, Ned.

So sorry we couldn't dump GOP Joe. But, the mask is off - he only won because the named Republican in the race wasn't even supported by his own party and got 10% of the votes. GOP Joe, you're already a lame duck.

carterman said...

yeah, Chris Murphy!