Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We haven't left!

We just don't have any special information. There is a guard standing outside the war room here at the hotel. Swan stopped by to say thanks (and eat OUR pizza). We did get official word that this is going to come down to every last vote -- so we are making phone calls to everyone we know to make sure they voted -- and to encourage them from there. This is going to be a very long night, it appears. I predicted a week or two ago that I don't think Joe will concede -- so it could be a really long night.

If we don't post it's because we have no news -- we will keep you posted as soon as we know something. You tube is not being particularly cooperative -- so videos here may have to wait till AM. It could well crash tonight. In case blogger goes south, we have an alternative at ctbob.wordpress.com if blogger crashes, too.

Turnout numbers continue to be amazing...which is great news on our side. Thirty minutes till exit poll results are available, but take them with a grain of salt -- there's going to be all kinds of crap going on with vote counting in CT tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Status Milford

My outbox won't out my email so here are my current notes:

We set up a screen and LCD and arS showing scarce's rock the vote video.

Had a brief scare earlier, we had great exit poll results for john destefano and ned... i was crying tears of relief and joy...turned out the woman who told us the numbers was reading the PRIMARY RESULTS. yeech.

We have the cnn projection page up and ready

We have a spreadsheet up for when the numbers get phoned in locally

I am constantly refreshing your page for updates

pizza just arrived. Bella Napoli, in case you needed to know.

More to come