Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Just received from SOTS office

UPDATE 10:08PM - FoxNews-61 just reaffirmed Courtney's claim that he is 91-votes up, but there won't be an official announcement until tomorrow, at the Secretary of State's press conference, scheduled for 11:00AM. But it looks good for Courtney.

Now we'll wait and see if Rob Simmons accepts the results of the recount, or challenges it and pushes for a full recount. The end result of a 91 vote lead in an election with nearly 250,000 votes cast is an .04% margin.

UPDATE 9:37PM - It appears that the Courtney campaign website has called it over and done with. There were no details of the recount listed, just a claim that it was successful.

UPDATE 9:12PM - I just got word from our comments (Jordan Jacobs, Hampton DTC) and also via MLN that the Courtney campaign is saying the recount is complete and Joe Courtney won by 93 votes. Keep in mind this is unofficial, and I'm trying get confirmation asap.

UPDATE 9:08PM - WFSB-TV Channel 3 says "As of 8:20 p.m. Tuesday, Courtney was leading by 88 votes. The towns of Somers, Ashford, Caterbury and Chester had yet to submit results. Bysiewicz scheduled a news conference to discuss the outcome of the recount for Wednesday at 11 a.m."

UPDATE 7:42PM - Shawn MacFarland put up a cool Google Spreadsheet that is tracking the results of the race. You can see it by clicking here (you might have answer some questions, I just clicked through).

UPDATE 7:02PM - Democratic Party officials say the lead is now 91 votes with four towns to go. From the New London Day.

UPDATE 6:03PM - 60 Towns reporting, Courtney by 90 votes; he gained one by a provisional ballot in Ledyard.

With 6 towns still having not reported in to our office (Ashford, Canterbury, Chester, Haddam, Ledyard, Somers) Courtney now leads Simmons by 89 votes. 59 towns (out of 67 total) have now reported into our office.

The total as of right now, without those 6 towns:

Courtney – 121,244
Simmons - 121,155

This will probably be the last update of the day from our office.

Dan Tapper
Director of Communications
Office of the Secretary of the State


Anonymous said...

Enfield's net result was one vote gain for Rob Simmons. Surprised it wasn't up to date. We did recount on Friday and submitted to SOS Monday morning.

(Recount took away one Simmons absentee vote, but two Courtney absentee votes.)

CT Bob said...

Yeah, it appears that Enfield's result is included in the current standings. We're waiting on just a few stragglers.

Is "we're tops in CT" your town motto or something? Sounds like something a board of selectmen would think is a "swell" idea. LOL

Anonymous said...

Courtney wins with 93 votes!

CT Bob said...

Thanks Jordan; if you get confirmation from anyone with the state or a news station, please let me know. And I credited you with the tip.

Gabe said...

If I was betting, I would bet on Simmons conceeding. 91 votes is too large a margin to overcome and people were ready to run Munster out of town in 1994 after court challenges. They just wanted it to end.