Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Final Recount Numbers

I just got this email from Dan Tapper at the SOTS's office, making the final tally 100% official. And my 91-vote margin from last night held up, too.
There was a one-vote discrepancy between our numbers and the AP numbers earlier; it has now been resolved (our office was off by one number). The final tally in the Simmons-Courtney race is now:

Courtney - 121,248
Simmons – 121,157

Courtney wins the race by 91 votes. The town-by-town breakdown is (not) attached. (I can't figure out how to format it - CT Bob)


Gabe said...

Are you going to Simmons' presser in Mystic? I want to be able to link to you when and if a post goes up...

CT Bob said...

Gabe, I'm still suffering from this rotten cold. I felt well enough to work today, but sadly I'm still recovering. If you hear how it went, let me know.