Sunday, November 05, 2006

"Knock & Rock" with Black 47

Yesterday the 4th district celebrated what may have been the most successful day of canvassing in CT history! This event, coordinated by Maura Keaney and hosted by Tiernan's Pub in Stamford, featured appearances by Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy and Governor's candidate John DeStefano.

And of course, Ned brought it all home with his message of Joe Lieberman's undying support for the War in Iraq, and how it WAS a mistake, and CONTINUES TO BE a deadly mistake.

Black 47 rocked the place! My ears are still ringing. Get ready for your computer to ROCK!

And here's campaign volunteer Harriet, turning on her "1000-watt smile" as the band rocks!

LYNDON LAROUCHE UPDATE: I just got an email from Spazeboy this morning with a link to an article in the Hartford Courant. The Courant reports that the LaDouche-bags are still being held in jail!

I told you guys; you don't want to get arrested on a Friday afternoon/evening. Especially in Hartford...the cops weren't amused by those idiots.

And Spazeboy has made a .wav file of me expressing my displeasure with the LaRouche supporters...maybe he'll send you a copy if you ask him nicely! :)


Anonymous said...

Unending thanks to Larry Kirwan and Black 47 for performing at Tiernan's yesterday!

As Mayor Dan Malloy said - when he introduced John DeStefano, who introduced Ned Lamont, who introduced the band - over 400 people came to Stamford yesterday to knock on doors and work for Change (and not "$pare Change", like the LieberGang gets).

The Black 47 gig was a gift to Maura Keaney, Megan Finney, John Murphy, Tom Swan, and all the other hardworking staff and volunteers on the Lamont campaign.

Thank you all.

Anonymous said...

And thank you, Bob, for documenting all this.

CT Bob said...

Tessa, thank YOU; and does Black 47 have a website?

If not, would they like one?

Anonymous said...

Achem. Saw at least one of same said LaRouche persons in New Haven Sat. evening rally. Recognized one from video. They were just passing out literature though. Personally, I find them kind of harmless. I don't like what they did at the debate though.

CT Bob said...

Mui, I agree when they're simply passing out lit, they're harmless and welcome to it.

But when they fling their literature at people, including the Senator (and I saw them do this) they deserve to be arrested.

And especially when they insist upon being total assholes by singing obnoxiously loud when I'm trying to shoot my videos, they absolutely deserve to be hung by their heels, shot, drawn, quartered, and given an atomic wedgie for good measure.

But that's just my opinion.

That's probably why I'm not in charge.

Anonymous said...

CT Bob said...

that probably should have been obvious to me...

Anonymous said...

CT Bob. Love your Laouche videos. got the link from a cult site called

You should know that these are real creepy cultists you captured on film. Read about them on web site called

These losers follow a convicted tax fraud, anti semitic cult leader who lives the life of a millionaire. He and his gang spent years in prison after taking old people's retirement money. These kids you filmed are a new crop for him.