Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Official Countdown Begins -- NOW

Ok folks -- exit polls are being reported on CNN, but only voter characteristics. Bob, Spazeboy and I are sitting in the blogger room with our special access passes around our necks. They are still sitting up the ballroom, and admission to the ballroom tonight is by pass only. More security this time around -- and a lot more tension. The sense here is that there isn't much more that we could have done here on the ground. Drudge is worthless -- no numbers yet. And we have none here. There is a room down another hallway with Garfield, the security man at the door -- and that's where the magic is happening.

MSNBC is streaming -- we're watching CNN and local TV here. Tim is being cautious -- but he is waiting for numbers, too. Two things have me confident -- another record turnout (people don't come out in record numbers to support the status quo) and look at the photo I posted below -- that shows Joe's actual spot on the ballot -- from the booth.

As things heat up, we will drop the pictures so things will load faster and we can post faster. Stay with us for the CT Senate latest news!

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Gray said...

K, we stay tuned. But we better get some numbers soon. The tension is unbearable!