Monday, November 06, 2006

Screw the Q-Poll; GOTV!!!

GOTV will win this thing!

We've known for months how lopsided Doug Schwartz and his push-polling organization can be, so we're not surprised that he managed to fudge yet another poll in favor of his chosen candidate, Joe Lieberman.

You know...Lieberman, the guy who ALREADY LOST once this year!

You can help prevent Senator "Mulligan" from being returned to the Senate by focusing on GOTV efforts.

Fuck the Q-Poll and the Conservative high horse upon which they sit.

GET OUT THE VOTE is all that matters. Remind EVERYONE you know to vote for Ned Lamont tomorrow! Tell them that the polls can't take a massive GOTV effort into account, and most of those old biddies they call are longtime Joe fans from back during the Depression, when Senator "Do-Over" promised them "a chicken in every pot". (The historical accuracy of that last statement isn't 100% guaranteed)

Do what you've been doing, and we'll WIN this thing!

And, in the process...we'll save the country.


CT Bob said...

GOTV folks!

Anonymous said...

Senator "Mulligan" is hilarious BTW. I gotta give you credit for that one.

There is no way it's 12 points either. I agree with you there. It's more like 6-8.

CT Bob said...

Well, the more time you spend on my blog, the less likely you'll be able to help your hero. We're all voting for Ned, you're not going to change minds here. But if you REALLY gave a shit about Lieberman, you'd be helping him GOTV.

So, keep reading. That's less votes that Joe will get. And the Q-poll is helping us at this point. Lots of Joe biddies won't bother leaving their trailers to vote.

And thanks for laughing at my joke. You usually can't go wrong by appealing to my ego. LOL.

Anonymous said...

"Lots of Joe biddies won't bother leaving their trailers to vote."

wow... thats pretty ugly Bob.

CT Bob said...

Sorry "ned_op", but if you're at all aware of the demos, Joe appeals most to older, lower-information voters.

Why do you think ALL the blogs are for Lamont? It's the YOUNG and INFORMED who want Ned.

"Ugly" doesn't begin to describe Joe's campaign.

Anonymous said...

Real republicans believe if you repeat a falsehood over and over, people begin to believe it as the truth. The falsehood is that Lieberman is winning. The Quinnipiac polls have been grossly inaccurate and highly massaged! Douglas Schwartz needs to be nationally exposed for the partisan fraud he is. And Quinnipiac needs a transfusion of clean blood. Remember, if you're caught lying once, you're never believed again.

To: CT Bob: I'm requesting that you disallow any pro-Lieberman posters to spout their nonsense on your site. Lieberman is the REPUBLICAN in this race. Let's call a spade, a spade.

CT Bob said...

Real Republicans should vote for the "REAL" Republican.

Mr. Alan Schlesinger.

Who is, by my estimation, a very selfless and honorable man. I feel so bad for him for being completely abandoned by his own party.

"Republicans = Party of Opportunists"

There's no loyalty in politics these days...our leadership are strictly in it for themselves. It's tragic, really.

CT Bob said...

Because I don't like you, Adam.

Anonymous said...

The "trailer" comment was the one I was referring to.

CT Bob said...

Why? What do you have against trailers? What are you, a tornado?