Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Speaker Amann on loyalty

Just a reminder: the very first guy Senator Lieberman thanked last night has some advice for potential future opponents in his town.


peter said...


I wonder what the mechanism is in CT for a recall of a Senator? It won't be long before Lieberman pulls some outrageous stunt that might provide the trigger for a recall campaign. Uusually the way these work is that a certain of signatures need to be gathered to get the measuere on the ballot.

I realize it's the day after the election and the fierce CT bloggers would like a bit of rest. But I think it would be worthwhile to do the initial homework on recall law just in case...

CT Bob said...

Well, I don't know about how a recall works.

But there is some talk of campaign corruption. The issue of the 1/3 million dollars that Joe somehow can't account for is paramount. People just don't misplace that sort of cash, unless there are payoffs and bribes happening.

You can't enter or leave the country with more than $10,000 in cash, yet Joe somehow "petty cashed" about $387,000 in the days around his primary defeat. Something smells bad, and it ain't Joe's feet!

Sadly, if a sitting senator is forced to resign because of corruption in CT, the governor gets to appoint the replacement. That means another R in the Senate.

But the good thing about that is we'll know where the guy stands, unlike "Bi-partisan Joe", who will caucus with the party that offers him the best deal.

Because, that's a deal where the citizens always lose.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bob. Are you an idiot? Jimmy wished good luck to any idiot that would run against him. That sounds like a very good idea.

Arrogant SOB.

CT Bob said...

I shoulda known better! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... I'm going to email this to all of my democratic friends in Milford. I'm sure they'll love to hear this. F'in political machine. Arogant? He's a Piece of shit and to think I pulled this asses lever last night.

NanafromMA said...

Hi Bob and Peter....I'm back!! Hubby was involved with a recall about 35
years ago...First of all, find the state charter or election rules on the
web for CT...find the Recall section and see what it should be all
there for you to figure out. We did it and won....when hubby was on the
School Committeeway back, they appointed a superintendent of schools that
the other side did not like. They took out recall papers and got the necessary signatures...then it went to a town meeting as I recall and it was a very close was pretty much a tie vote and it finally went to the State Legislature to make the decision....and we won then. It was quite an experience and gave me my baptism
into local politics...what a mess it was. That is probably the procedure to
follow, but with a State Senator, I would bet you would have to have a state
referendum on the ballot and have the state vote...especially if he pulled something
that went against the wish of the people...

It is funny...I had thought of a recall on Monday before the election...ya see...
great minds think a like. Find the statue in the state election section and
you can take it from there...Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

House Caucus meets Novemver 9th to select Speaker of the House for the next 2 yrs.

Call your State Rep, unless it is Amann or a Republican, and remind them that they have the power to draft Chris Donovan for Speaker.

They have the they have the cojones? What do they "owe" to Jim Amann (CfL)?

Anonymous said...

As painful as it was a friend and myself watched the Liberman victory speech on multiple channels post election night on CNN channel 8 and 30. Speaker Amann standing next to Liberman..Did anyone take notice of the body language between Liebermann, Amann and Hadassah...When Amann was busy congratulating Liebermann and motioned across to Hadassah she gave him this fake smiling look to Amann. A thinking woman's look like...'You make me nervous, I don't trust you. Then there was the 'kiss' between Amann and Lieberman...and all these thumbs up Amann was throwing out to individuals in the crowd; would be interesting to know who he was thumbing up. I've wanted to go back and rewatch the video from a long shot without sound but unfortunately online clips have only been partial speeches that I can locate.

Thecitizen said...

Recall interesting Bob all the Bloggers should get involved the Money Petty cash should be enough for Liebermans recall.

Thecitizen said...

any news that developes I will post on the SenatorWach Blog you have done a great job keep it up man.