Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"Bathroom Blogging"

I'm sorry I haven't posted this yet, but it's worthy of a mention.

When Connecticut Joyce and I were driving to New London for the 3rd Senate debate, we stopped at a highway rest area for a break. CT Joyce went to the Ladies', and was in there for quite a while.

When she came out, she was laughing. I asked what was going on, and she said that in each of the stalls, someone had written graffiti that said, "A Vote For Joe Is A Vote For Bush".

She wanted to check to see it was on all five stalls (it was); I guess she would have come out for a Sharpie if the message didn't appear in all of them.

So, we have "Freeway Blogging", and now we have "Bathroom Blogging". Funny how things eventually come full circle.

And I don't have a photo of the one CT Joyce saw, but the picture below is one of my favorite examples of "bathroom blogging" (people used to call it "graffiti").


Anonymous said...

Makes sense.. the Lamont campaign has been full of shit since May why not put their message where it belongs. Only a few more hours till Ned's crying time. Waaahoooo

carterman said...

@adam, trolling is poopy.