Monday, November 06, 2006

The "Freeway Blogger" strikes again!

Sources tell me that the mysterious "Freeway Blogger" has struck again somewhere in Connecticut!

My anonymous source "ned_op" sent me these exclusive pictures of the culprit's latest endeavour:

The Freeway Blogger stirs up some old Dutch Boy Premium Interior Latex paint.

The blogger's identity is carefully disguised, making identification of the perpetrator all but impossible. Federal, State and Local authorities are investigating this as soon as they finish with the alleged "Lieberman website hacking" that occurred back in August.

The blogger purchased a 5'x7' blue tarp from Ocean State Job Lot for a total of $1.59. He was tempted to stop at this point, having realized that the incomplete poster already portrays a valid political statement.

The finished poster, located in the blogger's secret underground hideout, which is very far from wherever Connecticut Bob lives, and you can trust me on that one, yessiree!

The finished result, displayed on a prominent Connecticut highway, where approximately 80,000 cars an hour pass by. Even though the sign is partially obscured, I'm pretty sure people will get he point.

Everybody who looks at that sign today will have a thought, however brief, that "Joe Equals War!" 80,000 undecideds an hour will lean in a positive, non-warlike direction when entering the voting booth tomorrow.

Anybody with leads regarding the identity of the mysterious Freeway Blogger is encouraged to drink heavily until they forget them.


Anonymous said...

okay, I had to take a second away from my GOTV efforts to CONGRATULATE YOU on your sign and THANK YOU and KIRBY for speaking truth to power!

I'm proud to know you Bob -- YOU AND KIRBY ARE democracy's best friend!

CT Bob said...

Thank you so much, Harriet; the sentiment is absolutely mutual.

Anonymous said...

Bob: You're a TRUE patriot and a true democrat. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

carterman said...

Great Job!

On a slightly related note, this weekend I went out to meet Chris Murphy at a rally in Woodbury,CT. I brought my video camera along and recorded his GOTV speech. The event took place at noon (which becomes apparent during the speech) on Saturday Nov 4th. This recording represents my first ever political video.

CT Bob said...

I just posted it Carter; thanks!

MVD said...

Hooray for the freeway blogger! Just hope he isn't in Eastern CT where Joe could be mis-understood to be Joe Courtney

CT Bob said...

Ha! No I...uh, I mean "he" thought about that, but he's in the 3rd District; Rosa's backyard.