Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Latest report from Sec. Byziewicz's office

(Photo from Hartford Courant: Courtney casts his vote)
Via Dan Tapper, spokesman for Susan's office:
As of 10:35 this morning our office has received results from 43 of the 65 2nd Congressional District towns, meaning there are still 22 towns which have not yet reported to us. Of those 22 towns, the following 9 towns were scheduled to do their recanvas today:

Ashford (5 pm), Canterbury (6 pm), Chester , Deep River (9 am), Haddam (10 am), Ledyard (2 pm), Old Lyme (9 am), Somers (7 pm), Stonington (9 am)

It is our understanding that the remaining 13 towns – Bolton, Bozrah, Brooklyn, Clinton, Durham, Griswold, Groton, Hampton, Montville, North Stonington, Norwich, Preston, Windham - have done their recanvas; we are waiting to get their results.

With these 43 towns having reported in, we show Courtney right now leading by 76 votes. These are the results we have as of now:

Courtney – 121,197
Simmons – 121,121

I will have more updates as we get more results in.
FYI, of those remaining towns, only Ashford has the new OS machines. All the other towns use the old-style lever machines. More as I get it.

(Hopefully I won't get called into work today; I have a vicious cold and really don't want to go out. Plus, this is kind of fun keeping track of the recount.)


Anonymous said...

Hampton- no change
Eastford - no change

I'll be at Canterbury tonight.

MVD said...

I believe that Courtney is up by 90 votes at 3:00 or so. I hope that people who have info will post it, as jj did! This is so nerve-wracking!

CT Bob said...

It's very interesting to watch each group of towns change the numbers.

I wouldn't doubt that Simmons calls for a total recount when this is done if he ends up short. And I wouldn't think he was out of line if he did.