Sunday, November 05, 2006

Debate Marathon Streaming Video

While Bob gets some much needed rest this AM after covering the New Haven event last night, I discovered that CT Network (our state version of C-SPAN) is running a debate marathon all day. You can watch it on local cable if you're in-state, otherwise, you can catch streaming video here

If you are able to watch Fox61 this morning, the Thursday debate between Alan and Ned (that Joe skipped so he could spend 15 min in a bar in Hartford) will be on both Fox61 and WTXX (over the air channel 20) at 11am. This was by far the best of the four debates. Whining was not permitted.


Anonymous said...


Come on, are you really that stupid! If that's all you've got -- you've already lost!

Ned supporters only care that Ned is listening to them, and that he will Stand Up for Change, and that Bush is held accountable, and that we end the war in Iraq, which even the original neocon planners are now calling it a failed war by this Administration!

The people who are "stuck with Joe" hate that Ned is willing to spend ALL THAT MONEY on “the people” and not Joe’s lobbyist who are working to put more profits in their pockets!

Stop being such a coward and STAND UP FOR CHANGE!!!!!!!!!

CT Bob said...

"ned_op" is banned from posting here, and any anonymous comments he leaves will be deleted. Don't respond to him, he's just a spoiled child whose mother didn't give enough attention.

CT Bob said...

Wow, what a little bastard "ned_op" is. He's being a child. What's the matter, "ned_op", didn't mommy hug you enough?

It would be cute if he wasn't such a sad lost soul.

Anonymous said...

you have repeatedly scolded for banning comments, but youre doing the same thing. ned_op wasnt saying anything inappropriate...

CT Bob said...

Fuck "ned_op". I told him to stay on topic and knock off the Ned bashing. The Joe2006 blog PROMISED to allow comments, and they LIED and stopped after FIVE DAYS!

Hey, I'm not a fucking Senator. If I'm a liar and a hypocrite, big fucking deal. When Lieberman LIES, people DIE!

Why can't you idiots see that?

If you want to do something useful, why don't you vote for CHANGE?

Anonymous said...

i didnt read all of ned_ops comments, but the ones i did see were valid and pro joe or anti ned (which is prob the real reason why you banned him). as one of the more popular blogs, you can affect the way people vote. if youre a liar and a hypocrite, you can help change the outcome of the election using bad methods. i recall sen lieberman voting for the war, but i dont recall him saying mission accomplished or saying iraq is a victory. i recall in 2003 sen lieberman telling rumsfeld to resign.

CT Bob said...

I deleted a bunch of comments that were off-topic, annoying, and pro-Joe lies. Besides, it's my blog. If you don't like it, you can go away.

Or die.

I don't give a shit, ned_op.

Anonymous said...

im not ned_op