Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Good morning, fellow Democracy fans!

Time to get up, vote, and then volunteer to help at the polls. This is the time to make a difference!

Later today, Kirby and I will be up at the Lamont HQ in Meriden, in the Blogger's War Room, doing the live blogging thing, with photos and video as the day goes.

We've created a backup blog on WordPress, located at:


And a link will exist at the top right of this page, but jot that URL done in case Blogger craps out later today due to high traffic volume. This is just for use in an emergency if Blogger locks up and nobody can access it. Right now there's nothing on the blog, but we'll just pick up and start posting there if we can get in here. If by tonight you're not seeing posts appear here, or if you can't get into blogger because of traffic, go see what's happening at http://ctbob.wordpress.com. We want to help keep you informed.

I'm going to vote in about 45 minutes, then I'll post something here, and then I'm volunteering to poll watch for a few hours before heading up to Meriden. Expect updates around noonish, then after 1PM when I arrive. And Kirby will be posting today also.

Let's have some fun and WIN this thing!


amy said...

Happy Election Day, CT Bob! My husband and I just voted in the Fairhaven section of New Haven (just before 7 a.m.). No lines, just happy people from the community learning the ropes. I hope more people show up to vote all throughout the day!

Anonymous said...

All the best for election day. Vote the bums out!