Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Outside the War Room

I'm totally stealing that sign at the end of the night!

We're looking at record turnout for the election; this bodes well for Ned's chances. If we pull 74-75%, we're in very good shape. It's THAT close right now.

Polls close in just over an hour and a half. Time to eat something and take a deep breath before the big finish!

If you HAVEN'T called everyone you know in Connecticut and asked them to go out and vote, DO IT RIGHT NOW! We're at the point where EVERY VOTE may count! Tell them they can make the difference in this election.

Do it NOW.


Kelly Monaghan said...

Real bloggers poll stand!

Frank Krasicki said...

Let me be the first to predict Joe finishes third.

Gray said...

Matt at MyDD says 70% turnout in CT. Wow!