Monday, November 06, 2006

Danbury Rally Photos

Shot some great video at the event today; it's transferring to my computer right now...I hope to have something edited and uploaded later this evening. But first, some photos:

This afternoon Ned Lamont attracted a loud and enthusiastic crowd of well over a hundred supporters at this last-minute rally before Election Day in Danbury.

Ned has grown tremendously as a communicator in this campaign, and anybody who hears him speak and then hears Joe Lieberman speak can tell immediately who's the guy with their interests at heart, and who's the washed-up obsolete self-serving hack.

We've run a good, clean campaign (compared to Senator "Me-Me-Me's" mud-slinging festival) and we can all be proud of a race well run.

Tomorrow it's all GOTV! Let's bring this baby home!

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