Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dr. John Ormand new CFL Party Chair

This is taken verbatim from My Left Nutmeg, and boy, did it make my day! Thank you Nutmeggers for this!

You're gonna love this.

John Orman, esrtwhile Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, has bolted the party and joined the Connecticut for Lieberman party. Then, since he is the only member of the party (he checked with the Secretary of State), he called a meeting of himself at which he was democratically elected to be the Chairman of the party.

His complete statement follows:
Press Release November 16,2006

Orman Elected New Chair of Connecticut for Lieberman Party

I called the Secretary of State's Office in Connecticut to find out how many people joined the Connecticut for Lieberman Party and I was told that no one had joined, not even Senator Joe Lieberman. I went down to Trumbull town hall and changed my registration to the Connecticut for Lieberman Party. Then I went home and called a meeting of all the registered Connecticut for Lieberman members to reflect on our party's victory in the U.S. Senate race with Senator Joseph Lieberman. Senator Lieberman did not attend the organizational meeting for Connecticut for Lieberman because he no longer wants to be labeled as a member of the party.
In order for the CFL to keep the great ballot spot that Joe Lieberman earned for us, our party had to organize and submit rules to the Secretary of State of Connecticut. Senator Lieberman did not do this when he ran so there was work to be done like platform and rules.

Minutes from first organizational meeting of Connecticut for Lieberman, at John Orman's house in Trumbull, November 15, 2006

At the first meeting I nominated myself to be party chair for Connecticut for Lieberman. I seconded my own nomination and then I voted for myself. I was selected unanimously as Chair of Connecticut for Lieberman on Novemeber 15,2006.

These new rules were adopted:
1. This party is open to every citizen who wants to keep Senator Joseph Lieberman accountable. It is open to critics, opponents, bloggers and everyone else who will work to provide citizen oversight for Lieberman's actions, words and deeds over the next six years.
2. The chair of the party shall be elected for a period of six years until Lieberman decides to run again.
3. Party history: This party was officially formed the day after Joe Lieberman was defeated in the August Democratic primary in 2006 by Ned Lamont. Lieberman
turned in the required signatures to go with his party organizing committee to declare their intent to form a new political party. Senator Lieberman and his committee did not change their party registration so some suggested that Senator Lieberman may have used the CFL as a gimmick to run twice for the same Senate seat within three months. We who are members of the CFL do not care.
4. We at CFL do care that Senator Lieberman is now turning his back on our party and wants to be called an "Independent Democrat" even though he was not the nominee from the Democratic Party. He was from our party, Connecticut for Lieberman and he should be identified that way.
5. Many citizens complained about our CFL and one citizen (me) asked the Secretary of State and the Elections Enforcement Commission to rule that the CFL was a fake political party contrived to allow Senator Lieberman to be a sore loser and to keep running after he lost. It was argued that Senator Lieberman had no intention of forming the CFL. State officials ruled that Connecticut for Lieberman was not a one man fake party and that it was legitimate.

New Connecticut for Lieberman Rules:

a. If you run under Connecticut for Lieberman, you must actually join our party.
b. The party will nominate people for office who have the last name of Lieberman and/or who are critics and opponents of Senator Lieberman.
c. If any CFL candidate loses our party's nomination in a primary, that candidate must bolt our party, form a new party and work to defeat our party endorsed candidate.
d. We in the CFL intend to run the same candidate for three different jobs at the same time, ie. House, Senate and Governor.

The meeting closed by observing that Senator Lieberman was threatening to caucus with the Republicans. One member said, "How can he turn his back on the CFL? We got him to where he is today."
Another member asked "What if state election officials rule post election that there is no such legal entity as Connecticut for Lieberman and that it is not a legitimate third party since Dr. Orman is the only registered member? What if they rule a party for one is not allowed in our state?" No chance of them going back on their previous rulings for Joe Lieberman, right.
A member asked, "What if election officials won't let us run for three different jobs by one candidate at the same time because we would be making a mockery of the electoral system in Connecticut?" No chance of that happening either.

These are the new rules for my new political party that I am working to keep alive so it will not be some fake gimmick that Senator Lieberman used to get elected. Thank you,


Dr. John Orman
Chair, Connecticut for Lieberman


Anonymous said...

oh bob. this wont change anything. as jojo says "too little too late". joe is in office for 6 more years. sure, check his record and keep an eye on him you like, but hes in washington, and nothing you say will make him leave.

Anonymous said...

I love this.... you guys are literally going to be spinning your wheels for 6 years - convincing one another that you are a critical citizen watchdog. Hilarious. You guys couldn't organize a two car parade. 10 points gang... it wasn't even close. You couldn't close. Have fun. See you in 2112. And good luck finding another self-funder.

Anonymous said...

Oops - mean 2012... but you got my drift.

Anonymous said...

Con.Boob, you're obsession is enjoyable to watch. Have you yet apologized for promoting Schlessinger to the large degree you did, thus putting Lieberman right in the middle, whish cost Lamont untold votes? Do the moonbats know you're the enemy from within?

What do you think of shiny objects?

Gabe said...

Bob, are you wearing troll pheramones?

CT Bob said...

No, I'm honored they waited all day for me to post something.

My fans...they love me!

spazeboy said...

Draft Bob

littlebluerootster said...

Brilliant idea! Maybe someone could adopt a monkey and name it Lieberman so it can run for office. If not, a Lieberclown would be fun! Perhaps CT for Lieberman could file for bankruptcy, align itself with anti abortion activists, introduce new ballot measures. Gawd I love this move!!

Funny thing about (troll comments) Republicans, they are rude and angry even after they have their way at the ballot box. No creativity or sense of humor, tsk tsk.

Eureka Springs

cgg said...

Run Bob, Run.

gchaucer2 said...

I guess the trolls don't think accountability means much. Thanks to the professor. I've been asking about membership in this party since the day it was formed. At least we know Lieberman won't be nominated next time around, thus having to figure out how to create a new party.

Anonymous said...

Orman is a Joke. How do you people think you really make a difference when the majority of the state doesn’t think you are serious. You want your netroots to work, grow up and get in touch with the people.

Progressive bloggers = time wasting computer dorks who think they have power

gchaucer2 said...

neddy -- if you were a person of ideas rather than a spoiled kid, netroots would be in touch. How come you waste so much time posting here? Go back to your play date.

Anonymous said...

"How come you waste so much time posting here?"

only to piss you off and read your reactions. Source of entertanment for me like watching monkeys at the zoo flinging poop at eachother.

Dance monkey dance

gchaucer2 said...

Guess what, neddy. I don't get pissed off at moronic children, I feel sorry for their mommies and daddies. Now, clean your diaper.

disgruntled_republican said...

GASP, a republican posting here?

Couldn't help but laugh at this one....

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