Monday, November 06, 2006

Lieberman Endorses Lamont

Senator Joe Lieberman was quoted in today's Hartford Courant as saying he thinks you should vote for his political rival. Lieberman was quoted saying this:

" should vote for Ned Lamont," Lieberman said.

The entire article is available here.


Funny, isn't it?

Not really.

This is an example of the same way Joe Lieberman distorts Ned Lamont's stance on the issues. He takes something Ned says completely out of context and presents it as if it was exactly what he means.

Karl Rove taught his pupil well.

How many times has Lieberman tried to mislead the voters by repeating what he knows is inaccurate by saying that Ned Lamont wants the troops out of Iraq "by July 1st, 2007, no matter what!"

This has been repeated endlessly by Senator "Will Trade His Soul For Six More Years" in his commercials.

We all know that Ned supports a firm deadline for withdrawal, and was in favor of the Kerry-Feingold amendment last summer, when it would have been ONE YEAR from the date it was supposed to be adopted. But Joe Lieberman, in his campaign of corruption, knowingly spins the truth into something that resembles a lie.

We know, Senator.

So, if you want to fight this sort of lying, help get everyone you know to do what Joe says you should do:

" for Ned Lamont."

Your senator wants you to.


CT Bob said...

GOTV folks!

CT Bob said...

And don't forget to vote yourselves.

Anonymous said...

We are about to discover how many CT voters are willing to use their vote as a lethal weapon by Deciding Un Informed and screw the consequences.

Something for Everybody turns into Nothing for Anybody - watch it morph.

The vote tomorrow will define either the Size of the Solution or the Size of the Problem.