Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's Time for Goodnight and Good Luck

Not my best side, but here is the last picture and post of the night -- Kirby, Ned and Bob.

We told Ned we are with him for the next adventure, and he loved that. He is not happy, but not at all bitter -- he is the same Ned he has been throughout the campaign.

This group is not done for the long run, but we are for tonight. Again, thanks for everything -- your support has meant the world to us.


Sue123 said...

Nice job, guys - well done, and professional. You and the other bloggers made a huge difference in the race.

I'll be keeping some sunflower seeds to grow Lorenzo again later, as needed.


Unknown said...

Thanks, CT Bob and all of the other bloggers and enthusiasts who made this a great election. It's the first time that I got really involved in an election in many, many years.