Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Calm Before the Storm

I am taking just a breath here before I load the car, vote, run some errands, and then set-up shop at the Four Points HQ hotel. I know this will get lost in the shuffle today, but I had to put up a post to thank Bob for this opportunity to work with him on what is the most important election of my life. I cast my first vote at college in 1976 -- and voted for Jimmy Carter -- it was the first presidential election after Watergate and the feelings I had then are back today -- 30 years later.

I still shake my head at how the Bush administration and the rubber stamp Congress has destroyed so much in just 6 years. I didn't think it was possible. And 2 more years of this frightens me more than I can explain. This is our chance. Our chance to speak loudly with each vote we cast. It's up to the people now to decide whether we are going to allow our Constitution to be shredded, to send more soldiers to Iraq -- and if these people remain in power -- Iran. It will take a very, very long time to right the wrongs of the past 6 years, but we can start today.

I support Ned Lamont in particular, because we need a break from life-long politicians who see their office as a path to riches. I want sensible people in there, with new ideas from outside the beltway. People who aren't afraid of standing up for us. SCREW BIPARTISANSHIP! We need strong Democrats to stand up and hold the Republicans accountable. I know people complain there is not much difference between the parties, but this is when we have the chance to make that difference count. Not the incumbent protection-racket cronies in there now.

I was the national co-chair of Nurses for Dean. Yes, I am a dreamer. I am hopelessly romantic and optimistic that each of us can make a change in our little corner of the world and beyond. You readers have helped we CT Bloggers do that. And for that, we are blessed.

And just keep this in mind...how scary would it be if there were 49 Rs, 49 Ds and 2 independents -- Bernie Sanders of VT, who we can count on to vote D, and, um, Joe Lieberman. That would make it 50 D, 49 Rs, Joe, and Cheney to break ties. We already know Joe is for sale to the highest bidder -- imagine if he was in a position to cast a deciding vote. Let's make sure that doesn't happen.

Report on local news -- some precincts are above 50% of registered voters that have already cast their ballots (!!!) This will be the highest turnout ever in a mid-term election. People who are satisfied with the status quo do not get out and protect it in record numbers.


CT Bob said...


It's I who should be thanking YOU! I consider myself to be very lucky to have someone as smart and dedicated as you helping out (and making ME look smarter by default!)

Thanks, Kirby!


santa lyn said...

Thank you Kirby!
I also cast my first vote for Carter and remember how it felt. I used to come home from school and watch the Watergate hearings...can't believe what has happened to this country. Go Ned!!