Sunday, November 05, 2006

Big New Haven Rally for Lamont

NOTICE: Youtube is acting "squirrely" (not to mention "nutty" and "zippery") tonight, so if the video says it's not available, try again later. Thanks!

The I've had more fun the last two days than I had the entire campaign! Friday Spazeboy and I got to drive the Kiss float, and yesterday was the giant Rally in New Haven. This video captures some of the fun of the night.

Thank you Tim Tagaris and Tom Swan for thinking of us bloggers last night and letting us finish the campaign with Ned. We had CT Blogger, Spazeboy, DeanFan84, CTKeith, Caffeinated Geek Girl, myself, and at the last minute they found space on the bus for my wife CT Joyce! Thanks, guys!


CT Bob said...

Youtube seems to be working better now.

Anonymous said...

Go say hi to Joe Lieberman Monday. He'll be at the East Hartford Safety Complex located at 31 School St., East Hartford CT. He sure would appreciate one more video by ctbob