Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Joyce with a cute dog

OK, as bad as this night has been, I'm blessed to have a gal like Joyce who for some reason loves me and stands by me.

All things considered, I'm a very lucky guy.


elifsavasaeou said...

No, CT Bob - WE'RE lucky to have had you on our side. The dem party hung Ned out to dry, and we'll have to do something to reestablish the netroots (after this and Dean 04), hold our leaders accountable to us, and find a message that's provocative to Dems (like the kiss float) but palatable to Repubs (who are scared of grassroots anything). What will we do to keep the team together? What can we fight for for 08? I'm in CA and have been following your exploits and would like to help somehow - and to keep a Ned in the fold too.
Brian Felsen
www.elifsavas.com/49 (we're #49 clip)

Anonymous said...

from scott
from marion
from roland
from milford

Gracchi said...

Yeah some perspective is always nice- as a Brit Lib Dem I've got used to knowing that we always are going to lose and just am thankful I know some lovely people which makes up for it and I can get angry again in the morning.

NanafromMA said...

Bob, is that your dog?? I had a schnauzer
a few years ago and loved him..he was nearly

Thank you all for all the coverage...from
150 miles away, it felt like I was with you
for the past ten months...Ned sounded good
on the tv and hope he maintains his outlook.

Here is a thought...should Joe get his white
house job....we can put Ned in there the next
time...Many of the greatest candidates lose
their first attempt...second time is a breeze!

Like all of you I have been a wreck all day
and night and am really saddened by the results,
I have been down that road with my husband a few
times in elections and we do survive...it ain't
easy...but we do make it. Just have faith!!

This group should stay together and just see
what happens....too many friendships made
and they will never be lost....

Best from Boston,

CT Bob said...

Thanks all.

Maureen, no that's a lady's dog who was doing media registration. Cute, eh?

NanafromMA said...

You bet he is cute...they are great pets...one of these
days when I bend the arm of someone near and dear, I may
just come home with one...bet part is...they do not shed!!

Take a rest for yourself and I believe you all need a break
after the past few months...There will be a terrible let down,
but in time it does ease. Just stay close and in touch with
Ned...you just never know when opportunities open a door!!

Thanks for all you have done....all of you!!


Anonymous said...

A sincere thanks from Green Bay, Wisconsin on your terrific work for Ned Lamont. I do find it hard to believe that the whiny and opportunistic Party of Joe won in Connecticut. A lot of folks in your state are going to be suffering from buyer's remorse real soon, I'm afraid.
Thanks again for fighting the good fight.

CT Bob said...

"buyer's remorse"...perfect!

I'm gonna use that very soon.