Tuesday, November 07, 2006

CT Bob & Kirby in the Blogger's "War Room"

We're in the "war room" right now. I'm with Kirby, Spazeboy, Will from the BBC (he always says he's from "the BBC", but he's really from this little production company that's located in a garage somewhere in Exeter), Caffeinated Geek Girl & Geoff.

The War Room is a lot less crowded than last time, because there are so many other elections going on nationwide right now. Which is good, because the MSM isn't bothering us as much as back in the primary. Thankfully.

We're talking about getting some pizza now, and getting ready for the excitement when the polls close in 2-1/2 hours. And laying in a supply of beer.


Gray said...

Uh, may I see a picture of Caffeinated Geek Girl, too, pls?

Gray said...

Btw, as a foreign reader, I don't really get the joke with those masks. That's a reference to Groucho Marx? Or the famous yellow nose of Texas?

Anonymous said...

Methinks it's a reminder of the Kirby disguise from the primary blogger war room.

sean said...

hey bob,

i'm workin a state senate campaign right now in southern CT and i want to make it to the lamont bash. any guess on when the results will finish coming in/when ned will speak?