Monday, August 25, 2008

Shays crashes Himes presser in Bridgeport

Probably not one of the congressman's better moments, Chris Shays inserted himself in a public press conference by Jim Himes and members of Bridgeport's City Council.

The video below has snippets from some of the more civil moments in the exchange; apparently there wasn't video taken where Chris Shays appears to be doing his best to imitate Dick Cheney's angry sneer as portrayed in the photo above.


Bob Symmes said...

Maybe the sign behind Shays should be changed to read simply:


Ed McKeon said...

Seems as if Shays learned some campaign tactics from the Lieberman goons who showed up at Lamont campaign stops.

CT Bob said...

Bob - good one!

Ed - well, Shays differs from Lieberman because Chris didn't have the sense to send goons to the event; he showed up himself and started bellyaching. I give Shays credit for chutzpah, but zero points for brains on this one.

But Joe, the chickenhawk coward that he is, never sought confrontation; there was never a job that required bravery he would do when he could send surrogates to do it for him.

Kind of like his brave Vietnam record of 6 or 7 deferments.

Anonymous said...

so you would have liked lieberman to fight in an unnecessary war?

Bob Symmes said...

I would have preferred that Lieberman (or Bush, or Cheney or any other Kerry-bashers) at least serve in the military HONESTLY before they tout their patriotism.

As a recipient of a Purple Heart, I'm SICK of pseudo-patriots who talk the talk, but hide behind deferments & other slick moves when called upon to put their love of country -- and their lives --where their mouths are.

Maybe in your imaginary "Real America", Anonymous, you call this "true patriotism". Go back to your barstool and let your bar buddies tell you how brave and patriotic you are.

But here in New England, we call this for what it is: BULLSHIT.

Note also I don't hide my name.

CT Bob said...

anonymous: "so you would have liked lieberman to fight in an unnecessary war?"

No, the point is that Lieberman is gladly sending kids to fight and die in an unnecessary war while he used every single lame excuse he could to keep himself out of another.

He's the bravest person I know at letting other people fight for him. In an unnecessary war.

Anonymous said...

sorry, but i dont buy either of those two responses. if lieberman or anyone else avoided service to save their own life and, in war, save innocent lives, then it is a good. killing innocent people in an unnecessary war is not honorable, doing whatever you can to stop the killing is. i also cant believe that someone is unpatriotic by not serving. if i were handicapped, would i be unpatriotic? if i were afraid of dying, would i be unpatriotic? mccain served and obama didnt, so are you willing to call obama unpatriotic? im not.

Bob Symmes said...

Hey anonymous - you don't have to buy my response - it's given for free.

What you are obviously too obtuse to notice is that the McCain forces ARE trying to paint Obama as unpatriotic...Lieberman is leading the charge.

Anonymous said...

i have noticed, but your talk of "pseudo patriots" seems to me that YOU are leading the charge. you dont like people who avoid war, and then say they therefore dont love their country. i dont see any connection.

CT Bob said...

"i dont see any connection."

You wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

fine. i would place my love of not killing innocent human beings over what you define as my "love of the country". killing innocents=serving your country. what a sick mentality.

Bob Symmes said...

Well, for me, I never fired a weapon in anger...but I DID get shot by an "innocent".