Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jeff Blart, Cash Cop

Jeff Wright, the GOP Mayor of Newington, is running against Denise Nappier for State Treasurer, and he's been making some outrageous claims recently. He calls himself the "Cash Cop", despite the fact he accepted hundreds of thousands in state grants, one of which was used to build a parking lot next to his place of business.

His fumbling attempts at sincerity and bloated sense of self-importance reminds me of another inept "cop":

CT Blogger over at My Left Nutmeg gets it totally right:
Jeff Wright, the Republican candidate for treasurer, has staked his campaign on being Connecticut's "Cash Cop." He has argued that the state bonds too much, and he will refuse to issue bonds if elected (regardless of the law, or the legislature, or the governor).

It turns out, to the surprise of absolutely no one who has been paying attention, that as the Mayor of Newington he asked for, and received, and congratulated himself for, receiving more than $1,300,000 in bonding for his pet parking lot project in downtown Newington (which apparently also abuts his business location).

In fact, according to Governor Rell, Wright and Newington, in addition to a Million dollar state bond, asked for another $500k in state bonding, and received $350k. At the end of the day, the parking lot will be 88% paid for by the state. In bonding. Which he hates. Except this time. For a parking lot.

So I guess Jeff Wright is really, really against bonding (he will POLICE IT LIKE A CASH COP), unless it benefits him, then it's okay. Or something.


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Headless Horseman said...

First off, the Cash Cop video is hilarious... got to hand it to you, I laughed my ass off.

However, I take exception to this characterization of Wright. If you really want to talk about a lack of fiscal discipline you need only look at Denise Nappier's loss of over $182 million of taxpayer dollars which were invested in Real Estate for pension funds.

I'll be supporting the Cash Cop. Hell, I'd even support Paul Blart over Nappier. She makes Blart look competent.

CT Bob said...

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the video.

But are you really considering it Denise's fault that real estate values shit the bed over the last couple years? Who didn't lose money in what was widely held as a stable growth investment (by many GOP lawmakers also) until just recently?

Denise's conservative investment strategy insulated Connecticut from losses much better than the other states, per the Norwich Bulletin.

And Nappier has saved CT taxpayers a ton of money over the years, cleaning up after her Republican predecessor when he went to jail, pumping money into CT's economy, etc.

Yet your "Cash Cop" hero is saying he's totally against bonding when he benefited personally by scamming the state into paying for what seems to be a personal parking lot!'s not a very difficult decision who to support in this race. The Democrats in general will likely take a bit of a caning this year, but Denise Nappier is a public servant who we absolutely need to continue in office.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

No of course real estate values aren't her fault.

That she didn't move the money elsewhere however, is.

She's incompetent.

Anonymous said...

And no one is talking about the hundreds of millions of dollars she lost in the state teachers pension fund with her "Nappier Plan" She bonded several billion dollars and invested it on margin at the peak of the market. We're still paying interest on the bonds, but the principal is gone forever.

CT Bob said...

Yes, because we all know how easy it is to move real estate in a poor market.

And again, is it her fault the stock market tanked? Who here has a 401K that didn't take a huge hit in the last 18 months? What would you want, a Treasurer that gambles in day trading?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Who here has a 401K that didn't take a huge hit in the last 18 months?

Not like CT has with Nappier at the wheel.