Thursday, November 16, 2006

Don't Miss This Cartoon!

Many thanks to mui for bringing this to our attention.

How do we get open hearings on what is really going on in Iraq and how do we declare victory and leave? Dem majorities in both houses of Congress that will hold witnesses' feet to the fire and get some answers so we can explore options out in the open instead of cooked intelligence and a "make-it-up-as-you-go-along" war plan. As gchaucer2 said in the comments of the last thread, the Westmoreland/McNamera fog must be front and center of this discussion, for if we do not learn from our past, we are doomed to repeat it.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I strongly believe Joe's threats to caucus with the other side and change control of the Senate is completely out of line right now. To quote a time-honored phrase from this election cycle, "What message would that send to the Iraqis?"


Anonymous said...

pretty inaccurate cartoon, bob. i read an article in nyt the other day about how everyone is welcoming joe back and wants to get in his good graces.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is a bit of a reach.
Why is it, anon @ 8:52 p.m. you put such weight in the public positioning of politicians?
Lieberman may be the current problem child or squeaky wheel of the Dems, but there are obviously a lot of citizens that feel he's thumbed his nose at them and that his sense of entitlement was exactly what the rest of the nation was throwing out of D.C. last week.

gchaucer2 said...

@anonymous 8:52 -- this post was Kirby's -- please pay attention to something. Politicians will curry favor with any hypocrite to maintain control. Sycophantic behavior means nothing. I'm waiting to see the Dems reaction when Lieberman inevitably stabs them in the back.

I believe accountability of all representatives is critical. I would hold Ned to the same standards. Lieberman's cowardice of not stating his position regarding sending more troops to Iraq prior to the election is a perfect example. Every elected official from this state should be under the microscope regarding the war, health care, social security, national security, etc., etc.

Thanks to Kirby and Bob for your continued involvement.

Anonymous said...

from Reuters

"McCain said he and Sen. Joe Lieberman, a Connecticut Democrat, plan to re-introduce a bill on climate change on the first day of the new Congress"

this blog never talks about the good things. You think Ned Lamont would be doing this. NO WAY IN HELL!!!

gchaucer2 said...

@anonymous -- and you know Ned wouldn't introduce or support a bill on climate change how? And I don't remember anyone here saying that Lieberman has done absolutely nothing positive. Of course, Lieberman's vote for the energy bill was not concern about climate change. You don't pad the pockets of big oil companies and then preach about global warming.

Politcal positioning, methinks.

Anonymous said...

you know damn well lamont wouldnt. he has no credibility and wouldnt work with a republican since lamont <3 partisanship. lieberman and mccain teamming up again for the better of america.

Anonymous said...

You're quite welcome. I see the Liebertrolls are upset though. Too bad. It must of sucked to have been a Dick Nixon supporter too back in the day.
Lieberman/McCain for a better America sounds as fraudulent as Cheney energy bill 4 a better environment. Is HoJoe making speeches at Bob jones University too? Not such a stretch.
Anonymous-- Sucking up to the right-wing theocrats does not equal bipartisanship. Playing anything but opposition to the End Time freaks is a joke. That joke=HoJoe.
BTW. Link will provided upon request for HoJoe's starring role in Falwell's Save a Jew 4 Jesus 'mercial.

Anonymous said...

Joe's starring role in Falwell's 'mercial:
Via Alternet