Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Afternoon Update

Just talked to Bob on the phone -- he has been in the KISS float for 8 hours and he is beat! He has lots of video of his adventures today, including LaRouche supporters getting arrested, Joe answering a question and and afternoon rally with Ned. He's on his way to garage the KISS float in inner Blogtopia, and will be posting later tonight about his adventures -- with video!

Meanwhile, Mr. Kirby and I are going to see the Capitol Steps at the Shubert Theatre -- I really need some political humor at this point.


grayslady said...

Bob is an absolute champion, and so are you Kirby. Is Bob receiving any financial support for the float or should we be chipping in to help? His activity on the float throughout the campaign has been nothing short of heroic.

kirby said...

Hi GraysLady,
We appreciate any support you can send our way, but it won't be to support the blogger float. Bob was guest driver last night and today -- duties have been shared during the stretch here, because it seriously is tough duty, protecting it from vandalism from the LieberGoons. Can't have it out of sight for a minute.

I think Bob will be on the side of the angels tomorrow (Ned's bus) and video man at the big shindig in New Haven tomorrow night. I, your humble scribe on the other hand, will be here to blog, and saving up on sleep and energy for a LOOOONG Tuesday night.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what you are abour-- but I am also a Bob Friday-- lets connect-- I am willing to support anything that is human