Friday, November 03, 2006

Lieberman Thugs scare Seniors

Absolutely disgusted.

That's how I feel about Senator Lieberman right now.

This is a man who will stop at NOTHING to win!

At a campaign stop for the "Stand Up For Change" bus tour earlier today, about 30 paid Lieberman operatives showed up at a low-income housing complex to protest the Democratic nominee for Senate.

I just got off the phone with Rep. Evelyn C. Mantilla, Deputy Majority Leader of the State House of Representatives, and she told me about the event. She is the Rep for the 4th District in Hartford, and she represents the people in that complex. She sent them invitations to see the candidate.

Shortly before the bus pulled in, the Lieberman supporters were massing on the sidewalk. Rep. Mantilla assumed they would behave like lawful citizens, so she didn't worry about them. But when the bus pulled up, they started screaming and chanting very loudly, and surged toward the bus door, preventing it from opening and generally frightening the senior residents of the complex.

Some of the residents said they were disturbed and startled by the display. Rep. Mantilla said the complex was generally very quiet, and the 30 vocal and noisy Lieberman supporters succeeded in preventing the residents from meeting Ned Lamont.

This disgusting and horrific behaviour is apparently completely endorsed by our Senator, Joseph I. Lieberman.

What would your mother say about this, Senator?

Did she bring you up to encourage the bullying and terrorizing of elderly people? Is THIS something you think is proper, Mr. Lieberman?

For shame, Senator Lieberman, FOR SHAME!

We demand that you immediately condemn the actions of your campaign operatives and forbid them from further acts such as this.

Rep. Mantilla is a 10-year Rep. for her district and has chosen to leave her seat after this term is over. But she STILL cares deeply about her constituents and wants them to have all the necessary info for them to make an informed choice next week.

Sadly, Senator "Win At All Costs" won't ever go away unless we vote him out (or he is convicted of the corruption that some people suspect him of). Either way, we need to get rid of this person who has lost his moral compass, and values his position more than the common good.

Evelyn C. Mantilla's state website is here, and you can email her at

Please let Rep. Mantilla know how much you appreciate her concern for her constituents.


Harry Cheddar said...

Where's the video? Good footage of the brownshirts could be the big break in this campaign.

CT Bob said...

I was with the Kiss float covering Lieberman at the time, but I just watched the local NBC affiliate, WVIT-30 show their coverage, and while the Joe supporters look like assholes and maniacs, no reporter was there to comment upon the scarifying of the Seniors.

As much as I truly despise Joe Lieberman's policies, I'd NEVER let my distaste for his cause me to frighten elderly people where they live.

And Joe Lieberman is so corrupt, he probably wouldn't see anything wrong with it anymore. Why don't more reporters recognize that about him?

Carter said...

I agree Bob. Bad. Here is another picture of a Lieberman "volunteer". From the picture we can eliminate the possibility that any of the $387,000 in petty cash went to getting her a new pair of jeans.

Anonymous said...

Guess who's voting for the two-faced, turncoat, amoral, Lieberman? Republicans, just like him. What a piece of trash Lieberman is.