Saturday, November 04, 2006

Any bets on Lieberman's election day stunt?

It's reader participation time!

Here's YOUR chance to write a blog entry for Connecticut Bob. What you do is make a comment about what YOU think desperate Senator "Petty Cash" Lieberman will pull on the day before election day or election day itself, in order to blame the Lamont campaign. I'll compile the best of them, and put them in a post on Sunday. The winner (judged by me and Kirby) will received a special, limited edition pair of "Groucho Glasses", just like the ones we wore on Primary Night! (color/style may vary)

We all know that on the night before the Primary, Senator "Can You Spare $387,000 So I Can Buy A Decent Internet Provider?" Lieberman's crappy website crashed, and rather than fix it within a couple of hours, they squawked loud and long to the MSM, which of course picked up on it and spread it all over for the next day and a half. Even CNN reported on the "outage" hourly until Ned won the primary.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said last week that the FBI and state investigators were still working on the allegations. What this means is that Al Quada can use the Internet without worry, because if the FBI can't find some alleged hackers in THREE MONTHS, they're never going to catch the terrorists. And Dick Blumenthal lacks the spine to push the investigation forward and clear Lamont's good name, as well as the names of the bloggers that Gerstain insulted.

Glad you're working for us, Dick.

So, aside from the inevitable "website crash" that will occur probably in the early evening before the election, what other desperate stunts do YOU think Lieberman's cronies will pull? Keep in mind that Senator "Terrorizing Senior Citizens is FUN!" Lieberman has the very best Rove-tested minds working for him. So try to be creative.

You know they'll be.


Anonymous said...

Joe is going to announce that he will be playing Major T.J. 'King' Kong in Hollywood's remake of Dr. Strangelove. The producers have agreed that the role will be tailored to depict the Major as the only non-partisan Democrat in the script.

Other minor script alterations include a final scene in which Lieberman's character visits a spa in Iraq and discovers a nuclear WMD hidden in the Winnebago he rents to tour Bagdad.

Later in the film, he rides the device down to a target looking suspiciously like the famous neo-con kiss float screaming, "This will teach those partisan, liberal bastards a lessooooooooo......... on!"

In exchange Hollywood assures Joe that they will never again make a film depicting excessive violence, nudity, or containing gay characters.

CT Bob said...


Connecticut Man 1 said...

Joe is going to blame this on Lamont:

Military Revolting Against Incompetence

And, if by some miracle Joe wins the election, in a moment of extreme irony after the election Joe will accept the preznit's appointment to replace Donald Rumsfeld as the Secretary of Defense thereby freeing up Jodi Rell to appoint her choice as the new JR. Senator for Connecticut.

And we will al be stuck with the corrupt Rell as Governor, Joe as Def Sec, and Schlesinger (OR maybe Linda Moody as a reward for illegal work done!) as our Senator.

We need to make sure Ned Lamont wins to avoid the possibility of this nightmare scenario coming to life.

Anonymous said...

Greedy Old Joe will cheerlead the Dickhead/Rummy Administration when it bombs Iran on Nov. 6 or 7, claiming Iran has WMD planted in America. After the election, it will be discovered that the intelligence actually said Iran has women MDs (doctors)in America. Then Georgie Boy will blow GOJ. Joe will blow Georgie Boy. Dickhead will blow Rummy. Rummy will blow Dick'sHead. And Roving Balls will get it in the butt by GOJ, Georgie Boy and the Dickhead. Fast forward six years. GOJ runs for president under a new party: Joe4WWIII.