Thursday, November 02, 2006

CT Bob's report

This will be short, because it's getting late and I'm exhausted.

First of all, thank you Kirby for doing such a great job tonight! I still haven't seen the debate, but reading her amazing live blogging felt like being there. Absolutely fantastic job, Kirby.

You deserve 387,000 thanks! :)

I was driving the Kiss Float tonight. Taking it from it's secret location in a cave somewhere north of Patagonia, I drive it to Hamden for the debate. Along the Wilbur Cross Parkway, people were slowing down and gawking at the float. Then laughing. It's pretty cool how many people get the message when they see it.

I got to Quinnipiac U, but the guard wouldn't let me take the float in. I said I was here to support the debate, but he said he's have to call in on his radio. Then he called whoever, and said I was here with a truck with campaign literature all over it!?! (Just because someone's a guard at a college doesn't make HIM smart!)

Of course the radio replied that I wasn't allowed on the campus. So I turned around and went up to the debate-watching party place at Aunt Chilada's Mexican restaurant to wait for everyone to get there.

Around 10 minutes to 7, a bunch of cars with Lamont supporters streamed in. Quite a few familiar faces were there, and at 7 sharp they all went inside to watch the debate. I sat for an hour, waving at the occasional cars that drove by honking their horns, and my stomach started grumbling.

Finally the debate was over, so I called Caffeinated Geek Girl from Connecticut Local Politics, and asked her to bring me a menu. She said they had free food in the bar, and offered to bring me a plate. Her and Geoff (they wrote and recorded the "Bottom Feeder on the Bottom Line" song) brought me a plate of food, which I noisily gobbled down.

Then *xyz from FDL agreed to relieve me so I could go inside, grab a beverage that's known for it's hops, and videotape Ned and the bus arriving. There was a lot of applause as Ned pulled up and got out, and I followed him into the bar and taped him greeting the supporters and speaking to the crowd. I'll get some video up sometime in the morning. Thanks for the help, *xyz!

Tomorrow, Spazeboy and I will be taking the Kiss float on a journey to find the elusive "Chickenus Hawkus", which is rarely seen these days (especially around debates).


Carter said...

Great job Bob and Kirby!

Bob, I was reading about a Lieberman event earlier this week (in Naugatuck?) where the Lieberman supporters had their very own float. Apparently, the float was a mock-up of a voting machine with "Joe" on the bottom. Nothing like stealing a play from the Lamont supporter play book, huh?

To be honest, that did not surprise me very much. What did make me laugh is the report said something about a bearded man running around with a video camera pretending to be YOU! I could not stop laughing. I guess imitation really is the ultimate form of flattery. lol.

dab said...

Bob - I hope you'll have folks traveling with you to make sure there's a camera trained on the Lieberclowns if they try to confront or assualt you.

Amazing how quickly being caught on camera stops people from doing bad things.

CT Bob said...

Carter, I'd love to see that story.

Dab, we got it covered! :)

Carter said...

Bob, I found it. It was over on Here is the direct link:

It's in the comment titled "You are quick Jon!"

- enjoy.