Thursday, November 02, 2006

Debate Update

Update: Just got a phone call from Bob -- said there was great turnout at the post-debate party (he had someone else guard the KISS float so he could go inside) Ned did a couple of interviews in a private room upstairs, and everyone agreed this was the best debate yet. He will have video tomorrow, and maybe some stills tonight. To answer questions that have come up --

Ned and Alan were seated next to each other on chairs (not quite as high as bar stools, but they are close to the same height, much taller than Joe). Water pitcher, but I didn't see any of them take a drink, but easily could have while the other spoke. They were on the left side of the TV picture, moderator was at a podium in the middle, questioners very chummy behind a small table across from the candidates.

Good posture, but very relaxed. I can't properly express what a different tone and debate this was without Joe. While with Joe there is tons of tension and attacks, these two men, Ned and Alan, stood by their positions, talked ISSUES, and had a great dialog. Alan had a couple of jokes, including "The Lieberman Newsletter...oh, I mean the Hartford Courant..."

Only reference and totally inside on the Petty Cash is when Alan said, "If Joe were here, he'd have to take the 5th..."

Thanks for the comment from CTBlogger -- he is working on the video version as we speak -- check for it here later.

I thought it was great for Ned and Alan, both. For people who are undecided -- the absence of Joe really said something if you watched the other debates. WHO is negative???

Spazeboy and our Bob are in Hamden -- Bob has the kiss float -- he will be shooting video at the after-party so check here and with Spazeboy for more coverage from the scene.

If you liked tonight, this is what I'll be doing election day/night. Bob and I are setting up info central in the blog room -- same bat time, same bat channel as primary night. We will be literally plugged in to national and local results. Bob will do the roaming reporting with his camera -- but we may not post images when it gets hot and heavy and I want to post every 5-10 minutes. May just give you links in text to YouTube and Bob and I will go back later and add in the pictures of the moments to give it full context.

Also, we are working on an alternate blog site in case Blogger crashes. We're nervous. We'll give you the alternative URL Monday of where to check just in case.

Bob has his new computer and equipment with your generous contributions via our PayPal button above. We could use a bit more because we want to each get a wireless card direct Internet so we do not have to count on the hotel WiFi (bandwidth got a little dicey on primary night). We cannot thank you enough for your help!


dab said...

Kirby - you and Bob rock! Hope to see you again, soon. If not Saturday then Tuesday night.

mrobinsong said...

Thank you so very much from out of state fans.

kirby said...

I am not the big noisy party on the green type girl (maybe 30 years ago....) so I am going to keep cover until Tuesday. I'm going to be setting up shop in the blogger room about 3pm and then I'll be there for the duration, or until Joe refuses to concede --- (I'm thinking it's 50-50 that he won't just because he won't admit it's OVER).