Thursday, November 02, 2006

Debate is Done -- Whew!

In the interest of getting info up ASAP, I typed and published. I missed some things, but overall -- a terrific discussion between two sensible candidates with very different approaches, but they know the issues and make sense when they talk. It was so refreshing not to have to listen to Joe whine and filibuster throughout. Alan and Ned have obvious respect for one another -- amazing how the discussion went back and forth and a moderator was really not even needed because no one tried to hog the time and lie and misrepresent -- in fact, when Alan had used up his time, Ned offered him a couple of minutes to continue the discussion, rather than a Ned monologue. I thought that was TRUE bipartisanship -- respect for the other side, not owned by the other side.

The reason for all the commercials in the beginning is because Alan was stuck on I-95, where there was an accident, so they held it up -- and it also ran past the top of the hour. So if you recorded it, you'll miss the last two questions and closing after 8pm -- it will re-run locally on Sun AM on Fox 61 -- don't know the time.

I will go back now and correct typos, etc -- please remember, this is not a transcript -- best I could do -- I'm sure video will be available by tomorrow.



Bergs said...

Kirby, thank you so much.

I had written down it was to start at 8:00, so by the time I tuned it, in was just ending and I was crushed. This is a great synopsis of it.

You're Great !

ctblogger said...

Top notch job Kirby!

I'm working on the video now.

dab said...


I posted a comment on the last thread and you answered all my questions.

Thank you so much for doing this - I'm in Mass until tomorrow evening and have been dying to know how it went and what they discussed.

I hope people watched it - it wasn't publicized much.

scarecrow said...

Thanks so much for doing this. btw, the Massachusetts Irregulars are coming down to help with GOTV, starting Saturday in Meriden. See you then.

Anonymous said...

Great job. Thank you so much.

Andy Dick said...

I didn't have a TV near me so I had to come here. Great job and thanks!

kirby said...

You know, to me, this is the best part of blogging. I remember when Paul Hackett was doing stuff with mean Jean, I would have loved to have access to something like this, so I just decided I'd be the narrator from here.

NanafromMA said...

Kirby...I agree with you re Paul Hackett...I was into his campaign like Ned's. I could
not believe he lost and I know there were questionable results in mean Jean's district..
they were the last ones to come in....

Thank you for doing this play by is great. I live in MA so I cannot receive
the tv unless it is streamed like the others. Looking forward to Bob's it
will be good. If my husband wasn't ill, I would try to make it down for the election..
could certainly hold a sign, but it is not to be. My link will be through the blogs...
thank God! Do you know if Jane Hamsher is coming back for the election? She hasn't
said much on her blog.

BTW, left spazeboy a note....Ned's ad Mr. Lamont goes to Washington...was on the Olbermann show tonight!! Wonder what "America" thinks about it!! I happen to think
it is cute and clever.

Best from Boston,