Thursday, November 02, 2006

Debate Last Q on Lobbyists and closing

Q. You each have former lobbyists advising each of you...

Lobbyists corrupting the process -- used to provide info, now it's all about $$
I won't take PAC or special interest $$

I may have lobbyists advising me, but Joe is indebted to lobbyists

People take a look at us and decide
This election will make a huge difference
Vote your heart, vote your conscience and vote for change
Tell your kids you were proud of this vote

Vote for afforable healthcare
People stand up against lobbyists, special interests
This is a land for the people and by the people, and I promise that for CT -- not special money
We're going to bring our troops home to a heroes welcome
My strongest obj to L is not that he is WRONG (lists issues) but when anyone stands up, military, citizens, vets, to say there is another way -- he always questions motivations -- dead wrong.

Please don't vote tactically
Lieberman votes with Hillary
Heard what's wrong from Lieberman and Lamont
I'll go to DC for one thing -- to make sure money owed to you gets to you
Soc Sec -- I'll make sure it is put away for your future through mortgages (like Ginny Mae and Fannie Mae)
No empty promise, like from Joe
I care about CT
I care about you
We are the greatest people in the world
We cannot throw these things under the rug

Lieberman not here because he would have to take the 5th --

Don't vote for the big money people -- vote for me -- Vote your conscience.

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dab said...


You did a great job. I just got back from a dinner meeting and read through your notes - got a really good sense of what the discussion was.

How were the two of them in terms of body language and rapport? Was Ned more relaxed than he is when he's confronted by Joe?

What's the consensus - was this a good thing for Ned to do?