Thursday, November 02, 2006

Debate Live Blog Q: 5 yr plan for Iraq

Finally on, after 8 min of commercials. Shelly Sindlun, a decent local political reporter is moderator Joe Lieberman, a long-standing incumbent running for re-election as an independent declined our invitation.

Disclaimer -- I may not spell names correctly - sorry; this is not a transcript -- I am doing the best I can on the keyboard.

21 minutes for each candidate to talk -- if they hit 21 min, they're benched.

Questions from

Kevin Rennie (in the bag for Joe)-- Courant columnist
Rick Hancock, formerly of Fox 61 as a reporter, now dean of the Ed McMahon school of communications at Quinnipiac (yes, the same QU as the famous crappy poll -- and that is the real name of the communications school)
Av Harris of WNPR (might want to check and see if there is streaming audio there) -- CT Public Radio.

Q1 : 5 year plan for Iraq

Ned: Where was Joe for modifications? Multiple where was Joe -- but, he was there to rush into war
They're going to be there "as long as it takes"
Deal with Maliki hard -- 1 year to redeploy for the Iraqis to stand up and make the hard decisions
Listen to our generals -- they're all talking about a timeline -- that's what we need to make sure the Iraqis stand forward and make political decisions

AL: banterning before answering -- he got stuck on I-95 and was late -- evidently, that's why we got 8 min of commercials.

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