Thursday, November 02, 2006

Debate: Alan on Iraq, Q National Budget

I think we need a tri=state approach -- give self gov to Kurds, Sunni and Shiites, with national council to distribute oil revenue. Will help buffer joining of Iraq Shiite with Iran.

Even though Kerry doesn't believe there are many bright people there -- I think they have done a great job, and did everything they were asked to do, which is not referee for tribal warfare.

We cannot pull out -- until we have everything under control, political solution and don't leave until all worked out.

Can we please talk about national budget?

Q. Repubs control both houses and we're in the budget mess -- why should we send an R from CT to add to it?

Blame is equal between R & D
4.5 trillion debt owned by Japan, China and oil producing
another 4 trillion unfunded pensions, etc
Ulimate hypocracy -- this congress passes bills and puts pressure on us, but never fund

Joe says it's not about dollars and cents -- you better hope someone is elected who thinks dollars and cents are critical!

28 trillion for Social Security

If you write a check to Joe for $485K, there would be no problem -- that's how much extra money everyone would need to make up the difference.

Credit to Bush for recognizing the shortfall and exploring options for SS

Enron guy got 20 years in jail for the same phony accounting Joe and Congress use --
Joe lies about your money.
Interested to hear what Ned has to say...

Let me jump in
Alan is right that we are leaving 8.5 trillion "mortgage" on the future -- we're going to fix that, not privatization, which would take more money out

I do look at the R admin -- we have turned surplus into deficit -- spending side
look at thousands of earmarks -- transpo bill billions and billions -- written by lobbyists and snuck into bill at the last minute

$250 mil/day Iraq prevents us from confronting real issues --
Stand up to the status quo, stand up to special interests

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