Thursday, November 02, 2006

Debate Q Causes of terrorism

Q. Causes of terrorism (Rennie)
Poverty, despair,
Need to meet force with force greatest military in the world
Go after schools that teach sectarian hatred
Taken our eye off the ball in Afgh
Got to complete the mission in Afgh to stabilize country
More human intelligence on the ground
Intel says every day in Iraq increases terrorism

Antagonistic to West, and way we treat women
Put violence where their mouth is -- fundamentalists want our downfall
The world will bow to Iran and if not, we will make them bow (amajinadad said)
Starts when children are taught hatred from the start
Just like the 1930s when the signals were there, we need to take action
These people are serious -- we must hold tight on Iran

Both Alan and Sen L believe we need regime change -- I think they are dead wrong -- we need to negiotiate, engage Iran, Russia, China -- idea of war in Iran will make the world a much more dangerous place

Iran thumbed their nose -- if you think we can negotiate with that -- will they negotiate with us?

Baker said not to confuse negotiation with ......
And he was right -- Geo HW Bush

One thing to say they can't have nuclear weapons
Negotiate while they build???
Iran is different from Iraq

Great interchange between the two

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Carter said...

I missed the first few minutes (putting the kids to bed). Of what I did hear, there was no mention of the Lieberman petty cash spending. Did I miss it? Also, is this debate going to be re-broadcast?