Thursday, November 02, 2006

Debate Q illegal immigration

No empty chair, no empty podium for Joe

Q. On illegal immigration

We are a nation of laws
Must preserve our borders
Legal imm is one thing -- makes our country strong, my father an immigrant
Ellis Island kept people who would be a burden -- people had to have a sponsor
Seasonal program for seasonal workers in SW US -- Pay taxes, no SS, good documentation so employers can't hide behind faked paperwork and then workers go back

GWB doesn't get it -- militarizing the RioGrande makes no sense when employers wave $10K checks
Got to crack down on employers who hire and take advantage
Enforcement way down under Bush
Data base for legal immigrants
Guest worker program makes some sense with a legal set-up -- part of our growth and part of our future
Can't treat illegals here now as villans -- too many

Joe wants to give them amnesty
Ned wants to give scholarships
I want to give the boot

Q. Ned, do you want to give scholarships?
Kids who are here (referenced his HS teaching) need to find a way to make a living and contribute to our economy

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