Thursday, November 02, 2006

Debate Q JL Seniority and Committees

Q What if CT loses Joe's position on Homeland Sec and Armed services

Joe likes to talk about seniority, I like to talk about results --
He missed critical votes (named them)
Gotta be there, gotta show up every day and do what's best for CT
We've lost 1/2 of our transportation funding
Want to get trucks and cars off the road? Mass transport, other alternatives

Unfortunately, the more Joe is involved in DC, the more he deceives the public -- part of the problem
Got up in 2 debates and said money is set aside in SS -- just not true -- he lied -- I hope he understands no money is put aside -- Joe is one of the leaders who wants to mislead
If I win, we will rock the foundations of DC, we'll throw grenades and get attention -- repeal Congress pensions and force them to live on Social Sec that doesn't exist. Joe decides to tell you everything is OK, "stay the course with me"
I don't owe anybody anything down there -- only owe people of CT

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